It’s Finals Week.

December 12, 2011

Well my dearest friends, and people who will never read this except myself, I have made a blog.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of blogs.  But I am an amazing fan of productive procrastinating!

As a junior in college I have made the executive decision to become the best procrastinator I can.  It’s finals week, you see, and I should be studying.  Why should I study?  Well, for one I’m paying thousands of dollars to attend school.  Secondly, apparently I’m supposed to be getting good grades so that one day I can become a great teacher and influence young minds.  And C.  I should have enough pride in myself to want to do well in school.  (And maybe because then I’ll get the coveted gold star on my chart at home.)

I do find all of those things true, which is why I simply can’t just procrastinate.  That would involve me either sitting in a chair fretting over how much I have to do or eating candy.  No, no no.  I am productive procrastinating.  That means I’m doing something beneficial while putting off important things.  What have these things included in the last week?  Well let me tell you!  These will be great ideas for when you, meaning I, because no one is reading this, am in need to productive procrastinate in the future:

1.  Deep clean room
    It started as a “Man!  I can’t study in this environment! I should straighten a little…”  into seven hours of throwing away childhood memories, old clothes, and color coding my closet.  Productive? I think YES!
2.  Create a pinterest account
   This one was a big deal!  I even had to wait to get online with my fellow procrastinators.  They have these things called ‘boards’.  Personally I think it’s a great place to pin things to procrastinate and things to use to procrastinate.  Now what could be more productive than procrastinating procrastination?!
3.  Get 4 jobs
   Wow!  Now that takes work!  I currently do however, have four.  Add 16 credits, collegiate running, church, and family and friends and bam!  There’s my life.  Four jobs = make money = cover for procrastination.  Working is one of the most acceptable forms of procrastination.  So I thought I’d get four.  Just to make things interesting.
4.  Be a collegiate athlete!  Oh.  It really is brilliant!  I have mandatory practice 3 hours a day.  Places to travel to on the weekends.  And well, I need my sleep to stay fit!  When it gets late, I say, “AH!  I must get to sleep!  My body needs to be able to run tomorrow!”  Studying gets pushed later and later because by golly, I can’t run when it’s dark.  Then I get home late and have to sleep.  Beautiful isn’t it?  Productive procrastination!

And finally: Today I decided to make a blog!  This will give me yet another escape to get out of the lame things in order to do different-not-so-lame things.  Blogs are socially acceptable, and marvelous time wasters!  I hope you enjoyed wasting your time reading this, I certainly enjoyed productively putting off things I should do.

Happy turkey season.
Brooke Hodson
Go Jazz! 

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  • Reply sidney December 12, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    haha i love your blog! and love you! 🙂 good luck on your finals!

  • Reply Kalina C. December 13, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Its not turkey season anymore! its santa and fudge and presents season!

    you are funny. this is way better than studying

  • Reply Becca Hutton July 3, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    hahahahahaha. i remember the day you made this blog. i remember the day you showed me those two drawings and i have secretly laughed whenever i have remembered the platypus drawing. i recently saw that show he is on and i had no idea he was a real character before that person drew him on his test. hahahaha

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