This One Time….

February 23, 2012

Ok this one time….. I GOT ENGAGED!!! Oh my, shut the front door!! Despite the fact that I rarely blog, since I’ll be entering the married world I’ve decided to try and improve. 

“Who knows! This could change my entire outlook on life!
 “No.” (That was a Grinch quote for those of you who didn’t recognize it…. one of my top 5 movies of all time. )

This post has nothing to do with the fact that i have 2 tests to study for, 3 research papers to write about, and that our plane for conference can’t fly in to Chicago because of a storm….All coincidences really! 

 Ok, I’ll calm down my ADD and actually get to the point.)

So you heard it right folks.  Miss I’ll-never-get-married-because-I-refuse-to-grow-up-because-single-life-is fun…. is settling down!  Here’s the story:

Once upon a time there was an awkward girl named Brooke

  (Yeah, this picture does a nice job showing awkward…be sure to note the drool!)

When she was 16 she met a young man named Brandon and they became best friends.  They were BFF’s throughout high school.  Then Brandon got called to serve a mission in Brazil!  YAAAAAAY! 

They were still best friends when he was leaving and and both promised to write…. Which they did!  While Elder Davies was off serving in Brazil Brooke did a lot of things!  Here’s a few:
1.  Dated.  LOTS!  She met lots of cool guys, went on lots of dates, and learned a lot from all the experiences!  There was a range from super awkward to super fun!  But all amounted in GOOOOD times. 
2.  She learned the ways of 13 years old girls. She worked at Oakcrest for two summers and had the time of her life!
3.  Continued going to school, wrote her twin brother, ran lots and lots and lots of miles, competed in track and cross country, changed her major, and dyed her hair brown.
4.  Cheered for the Jazz. (Self explanatory)

Come September of this last year wouldn’t ya know Elder Davies got back!  After a little go of awkward, hard, weird, and a LOT more awkward…. they decided…. hey! Why not date?!  After about 5 months of this they got free tickets to a Jazz game (or so Brooke thought).

First they got tickets from Brooke’s  ‘dad’s student’…. (Later come to find out was a LIE!!! They were purchased in January.  I’m not bitter!)

Secondly Brooke failed a test, had a poopy day, and didn’t get to eat…

Thirdly they drove up to the Jazz game and went and sat on the fifth row….WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!….. and Brooke still didn’t get to eat!  This wouldn’t have been a big deal if Brandon merely would have told her that he was going to propose.

Fourthly in the second quarter, after Brandon mysteriously disappeared for half of the first quarter… is anyone else confused by all these fractions?…. Brooke was stubborn, hungry, and wanted chicken.

The conversation went like this:

Brooke: I’m hungry.  I need food.
Brandon: NO! You can wait till half time.
Brooke: No. I can’t.
Brandon: Yes. You can.
Brooke: We have 20 bucks and I’m hungry!
Brandon:  Can’t you just wait till half time?
Brooke: FINE! I’ll buy it myself!!!
Brandon: GGGRRRRRR!! Brooke just wait!
Brooke: Nope!!!!
Brandon: FINE.

Then Brandon ran up the stairs and purchased the first thing on the food list while Brooke took as much time as she pleased going up and back down.

THEN!!! About two minutes after they sat back down during a timeout Brooke saw the Jazz bear holding flowers walking towards their section.  He walked up to the row and Brooke freaked out, mostly because it was the Jazz bear.  The Jazz bear pulled her out of her seat, Brandon knelt down and asked Brooke to marry her (which Brooke couldn’t hear over the screaming people around her), Brooke nodded, the bear nodded, the bear nodded Brooke’s head, and bada bing bada boom! They were engaged!!   

They are getting married July 6th in the Timpanogos Temple 🙂  Happy day!!!  and GO JAZZ!!

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  • Reply GrannyD February 23, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    Brooke….you are just the cutest gal, ever! I read your blog…just so well done! Love ya…Grandma Davies

  • Reply Anonymous February 23, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    girl you were meant to blog!! me and jonny decided if you start a blog we will read it like the bible! (not stalkerish AT all) but seriously you are hysterical!!! 🙂
    -Jonny and Madison Oliver 🙂

  • Reply Brooke Michelle Hodson Go Jazz! March 11, 2012 at 2:47 am

    ha ha ha, Madi and Jonny…. DONE! Oh. My last post was a tinge serious. I'll be sure to write one about how I love country music and why I think it's like the bubonic plague. Ok. peace out.

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