I Got Murried! And It Was Awesome!

July 20, 2012

So on July 6th, 2012 I finally officially graduated from the Singles Ward!  I was so proud of myself!  And we’ve made it 14 whole days of marriage which we are also very proud of.

It really was such a fun day.  Quite the ride getting there, but thanks to my family, some friends, and my now eternal man roommate, we got there!  So I’ll just give you the down low and tell you my favorite parts.  In case you were wondering.

Firstly!  Getting sealed in the temple was the coolest thing ever!!  I’d say it was pretty amazing.  Nothing beats saying yes to hanging out with your best friend every day!  On a side note, I went through a phase where “time and all eternity” freaked me out.  I mean, I can’t even imagine being alive that long much less having someone be alive next to me that long.  But if you take it a day at a time, eternity seems great.  So if there’s any peeps out there freaking out about the ‘eternity’ thing… I figure it’s all gonna work out and we’re gonna be happy.  No use going crazy about something I can’t comprehend yet!

Secondly, our day went like this:
Brandon and I went for a run together at like 6 AM, ha.  Running always helps me and was a good way to start the day.  Then we got all ready, had a funeral for and flushed about 9 dead goldfish (true story, two even committed suicide), and drove off to the temple! 

We waited around in the temple with the cool workers, got changed, and walked into the sealing room to see all our friends and family!  That was awesome. The sealer man rocked as well!  He talked about candy, a PBS which was actually a GPS, gave us some advice, and next thing you know we’re sealed!  It was so cool!  Apparently Brandon and I were also very funny during the ceremony.  I guess giving a thumbs up across the room, and tapping my hyper-active foot for the entire time made people laugh.  Either way, we had fun.

One of the most classic moments of the day had to be coming out of the temple.  Here’s how it went:
Temple Lady: Ok, now you need to push really hard on that door because it’s quite heavy!
Brandon:  Will Do!
Me: Ok, I’m not exactly how I’m supposed to hold my dress, bouquet, your hand, and open the door at the same time, so do you just wanna open it?

A short minute later you hear a bang on the side of the temple.  That would be Brandon kicking the door open with his foot as hard as humanly possible leaving a slight dent on the side.  He must have thought the door was actually a vault door.  That would make sense.

This was followed by awkward silence from all our friends and family.  Ha ha.  No cheering or clapping, ha, just everyone staring.  It was pretty classic.  I laughed pretty hard.  You might of had to be there, but it was great. 

Alright, I don’t really want to bore you with minute by minute details so I’ll just tell you some cool things:

1.  I wore rainboots out of the temple.
2.  Our colors were yellow, green, and white with a hint of blue.  It’s a mere coincidence that the Jazz colors are exactly the same.
3.  We decided from the very beginning this was going to be super fun.  We were going to make everything a party and wouldn’t have the ‘typical’ boring reception.
4.  I tried to incorporate my family and history stuff into it.  I’m just a history nerd like that.  I had a broach on my bouquet that belonged to my Mom’s mom, aka my Grandma.  My temple shoes were my dad’s mom’s shoes.  We hung up pictures of our parents and grandparents weddings next to ours for decorations as well.
5.  I like homemade stuff and keeping things simple and inexpensive.  I did my own hair, and made my own veil.  We also made the bouquets and boutonnieres with some help from Travis’s mother-in-law.
6.  The centerpieces were rocking and one of my favorite things.  We put goldfish into mason jars that had ribbon tied around them.  We didn’t want anything boring and we thought that goldfish would be fun! And they were, except for when they died.  That wasn’t fun.  But we bought new ones so it worked out.
7.  For food we had s’mores and ice cream!  Delicious, fun, and us.  A little bit of Oakcrest incorporated and a lot of fun. 
8. No wedding book for us, we had everyone autograph basketballs which are now displaying in our kitchen!  Everyone deserves to feel like a professional athlete every now and again. 
9.  Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks.  We ended the night with fireworks!! It was AWESOME!!! And everyone watched.  And at least I had a good time.  I think everyone else did too.
10.  So the whole daddy/daughter dance would have been kind of weird because me and my dad don’t dance.  So in order to do something sentimental and not awkward I decided it’d be fun to play a basketball game of around-the-world with him.  It was so fun.  I lost, that wasn’t fun, but I usually, ok always lose, so it was a pretty classic and typical game.
11. We went to 7/11!  When I was like 4 I said I wanted to go to 7/11 on my honeymoon.  So although we didn’t camp over at the 7/11 for 5 days, the first thing we did after our sealing was went and got slurpees.  Dream come true!
12.  Brandon silly-stringed everyone as we walked out from the reception to our car.
13.  We had cool signs everywhere telling people to have fun and that this was the best party of their lives! 
14.  We had balloons in the front yard leading to the backyard.
15.  We had it in my backyard.
16.  Basically I loved everything about it cuz it was us!

Well I think that’s about it for the wedding.  All I can say is that the road getting there was worth it.  I love Brandon and am glad I got to marry my best friend.  Our wedding, reception, and everything was a blast and I loved the whole thing.  Sometimes I wish we could just not be married so we could get married again it was that fun.  I’m so glad so many of our friends and family could be there on our fun day!  They helped us so much and made our day what it was.

Here’s a few pictures from the day!  Check out my facebook if you want to see them all.


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  • Reply Kimberly Jean Acker July 20, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Jazzer – I was soo sad that I couldn't make it to your reception but after reading this I maybe half way feel like I was there! I seriously laughed about some of the stuff and it would have been totally cool to see. I might have to steal a couple of your ideas for that far away day when I'll get married to who knows whom. 😀 I love you and am so happy for you! You are amazing!!!!!

  • Reply ParkerMama July 20, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Congrats! You are beautiful and I'm so happy you found someone to love forever!


    Aunt Tammy and Parker

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