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September 8, 2012

Ok this will be random but I’ve thought about saying all these on this bloggy blog so it’s going to have all of them!

#1.  It is officially birthday month!  

Sometimes people hate birthdays.  I’ve heard some very legit reasons from people and I’m totally ok that they don’t like birthdays. For me, I love my birthday!  Here’s why:

A. Cake, ice cream, and Taco Amigo all I want. Great reason and maybe reason enough.
B. I get to throw as many parties as I want with all the people that I love having in my life.  And they have to come for the most part.
C.  Sometimes I fill up my pinata’s with chicken nuggets.  That was epic.  Definitely best surprise last year.  Even though I told all but like three people. 
D.  Twin is back.  Birthday’s are better with two people.  Just saying.  And I believe Jack Johnson said, “It’s always more fun to share with everyone”.  Pretty sure he meant to say twin.
E.  People say things like “Wait, Brooke, how is it still your birthday?” cough, Jess, cough.  Or, “Brooke doesn’t want to run up this hill, it’s her birthday” cough, Shelise, cough.  And then you laugh a lot.

And the main reason that I love my birthday:
F.   I love being alive.  A birthday marks yet another year of being alive!  Why not celebrate it!  Life can be short, it’s a blessing every day, and particularly birthday, that passes, no matter what’s happened that, it’s a great thing to be alive.

#2: I Love My Job

Well I work as a Presidential Intern for University Relations at UVU.  Somehow God always blesses me with cool things like that to happen.  Basically I get to plan cool things with cool people.  Stephanie who I work with is hilarious and I basically just lover her a lot.

This week I got to have breakfast with Senator Hatch and listen to an economic advisor who came with Hatch that advised President Bush.  It was very interesting and educational and I loved it.  Except… I will say….. politicians are funny people.

#3: Bannen is Gone For a Trip

Sent my eternal man roommate away to Colorado so he could do the Ragnar.  I was actually way excited for him.  I travel a lot for track and cross country so it’s fun for him to get to go for a change.  He had a great time and I’m excited for him to be back.


#4: COOOOOL Weekend

As part of birthday month last night we had a girls night with a lot of the team.  Went to a teammates reception, came back to my place and ate pizza, hung out, slept a little, ya know… girly stuff.  Aubs, who was my roommate once upon a time and is one of my bestest friends on planet earth, came too so that was fantastic.  Then we went for a little jaunter on the trails in the morning which was fantastic!


#5: Got nothing.

Here’s a picture of a cute bunny.  I ask Brandon for one on a daily basis.   That or a puppy.  Hopefully both. 

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