House of Homeness

October 4, 2012

HOWDY!  Well.  I should either be
A. Getting ready for bed
B. Doing homework.

I am doing neither.  That’s how my life rolls.  Don’t be hating.  [Please pronounce the ‘g’ when reading hating Utahn’s.  Ha ha, just kidding. ]

So… I’ve decided to blog about my house and life instead!  Me and my cool eternal man roommate live in a cute little one bedroom house in Provo!  We got a steal of a deal on the rent, and we love having our ‘own’ place.  I mean, not that I wouldn’t mind living in a ginormous apartment complex that costs $800/month.  And someone living above me and hearing their toddler’s every step, or sharing walls with someone and them hearing us singing at the top of our lungs to High School Musical and Taylor Swift.  I mean.  That wouldn’t be that bad.  But I guess we’ll settle for our little yellow baby house.  🙂

We painted the kitchen yellow and painted an accent wall red in the living room.  (Much thanks to Aubs and both of our parents for doing it.. oh ya know… two days before we got married!)  We moved in our odds and ends and’d it up for a couch.  We got a TV hutch from my older brother, a free recliner from our neighbors, and a table from Brandon’s cousin.  My dad was SUPER nice to buy us a nice bed and mattress.  Other than that I’ve still got my dresser and night stand from my Grandpa, and Brandon’s got his desk and dresser!  Doesn’t take much to make us happy! 

We put up pictures of us, the temple, Christ, the Family Proclamation, Utah Jazz and Brazil flags, Jazz posters and a KISS poster…. More Jazz stuff.  Lots more Jazz stuff.  Did I mention Jazz stuff?

OH!  And we got a piano from my sister!  She and her hubby were moving and are looking to buy a baby grand.  So since I still love playing piano they gave us our Grandparent’s old one.  It needs a tune but it works great.  Plus I mean, I’m such a good piano player even an out of tune piano sounds good. I’m basically Mozart. Lies. I was the kid who for a few years marked off practice time in order to get the cookies from my piano teacher. Ha but despite that I really do enjoy playing the piano and we were super happy to get it. 

Quirks and Favorite Things About It
– The kitchen floor slant that leads straight to the fridge.
– Having a yard/lawn to mow.  (Seriously though, it’s my favorite chore.)
-Finding a nasty nightcrawler ALIVE worm in our bedroom closet last week.
-Windows made of plastic
-Two chimneys and no fireplace.
-Built in 1894
-Floor that creaks in every room.
-Plugs that don’t send constant electricity… it makes things exciting when cooking and getting ready.

Basically… We love it.  It’s quirky, old, and makes us laugh.  Here’s some pics!  Until next time homey G’s. 

That’d be a retired Stockton jersey in the corner.  And yes I held a ceremony.

Member signing those bballs at our reception? There they are! 

We wash our hands.  Sometimes. 

Doors.  Everyone needs one or two.

My attempt at acting like a cool photographer.  No Instagram = Lame Photos.

Hygiene feels better with a cool shower curtain.

Thank you Target for all your wonderful things.  And thank heavens for gift cards. 
You better believe I sleep with a teddy bear.  Jazzer Bear to be exact. 

Pinterest in Action: Notice the frame. 
If you can’t find anywhere to put up your posters, put them behind the bathroom door.

I can’t hang up curtains.  Tried and failed for an hour.  Brandon was successful in 5 minutes.

Can’t do curtains… But green, mowed lawns are in my genes. 

Aw.  So cute.  House might crumble any minute but we love it. 

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