Productive Procrastination… I’m at it Again. Not Really.

December 5, 2012

Here it is the week before finals, (which we all know is generally worse than the week of finals) and I am blogging.  No coincidence really. 

In case anyone was wondering, this is about how the last two weeks of the semester goes:

Student:  I’ve procrastinated a little bit.. but I’ve got time.  I don’t think that project, 10 page paper, and test will be that difficult or time consuming.  I work best under procrastination pressure.


Professor: Oh.  Blast.  I see that we have only gotten through 6 chapters.  I will admit to not admitting that it is my fault.  If students would just understand faster and if my powerpoints that I downloaded from the internet weren’t so long it wouldn’t be a problem.
The department said we have to get through 12 chapters.  Hmmm.  I’ll just shove 3 tests into a week and a half and then give them a comprehensive final.  That should work. 

 I mean… isn’t this picture what we think of when we think of that professor?  I do.  Mainly because I hate chemistry with all my heart.  Almost…no no, probably more than the Lakers.  Maybe.  But still.  That’s saying something. 

All of these shenanigans culminate into this: finals memes, facebook posts where everyone lists all of the tasks and tests they’ve accomplished (usually in the form of “2 down 3 to go!” Just wait… you’ll start to see them,) explosions of minds, and students passed out in the halls laying on couches, floors, tables, and anything else that looks like a somewhat sleepable arrangement, all of which make me laugh.    

Here’s to you finals!  Here’s to you higher education!  And here’s to me!  Productively procrastinating like I do best.  Enjoy.

And in the spirit of finals AND Christmas!  A personal favorite:

Happy finals everybody! 

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