December 29, 2012

Oh goodness!  This year was Brandon and I’s first married Christmas together.  Oh the joy!  Truth be told I’m actually kind of a grinch about Christmas.  Now I’m not out there stealing little kids presents or burning down Christmas trees or throwing random blackmail, jury duty, and eviction notices into people’s mail boxes in Hooville.  I’m just saying Christmas is not my favorite holiday.  Most of you just gasped.  It’s ok.  Breathe.  I don’t hate Christmas.  It has its great parts.  I just would rather celebrate the 4th of July.  In the sun.  Outside.  For ‘Merica.  With fireworks.  And smores.  And BBQ’s.  And it’s outside.  And people don’t have that crazed look in their eye when you’re at the store holding the last pair of gloves on sale for $1.99. 

This is the perfect face to describe my feelings of Christmas.  Go Grinchy go. Hands down one of my favorite movies.         
Now all that being said, I had a great Christmas!  And next to my Christmas’s spent at Oakcrest… celebrated in August… in the sun… with 13 year olds… this was one of my favorites. 

Brandon and I did a good job at sticking to our budget and we really tried to find other people that needed a boost at Christmas more than we did.  We started some fun traditions… like me wrapping the frame of our door in wrapping paper to burst out of Christmas morning.  Now that might sound like an easy task but I was supposed to be inside the room that the wrapping paper was covering.  And I was supposed to do it without Brandon hearing me.  Who knew wrapping paper could sound like a gun fight and end of the world apocalypse.  Brandon was a good sport though and pretended like he couldn’t hear me, ha ha.  It worked out ok in the end.  I need some practice for a few Christmases anyways before we have ridiculously hilarious children who I’ll actually need to be quite around while wrapping presents..and their door.

We even set out cookies and milk for Santa.  And discovered that Santa wraps presents at the Davies’ house and Santa doesn’t wrap presents at the Hodson’s.  Weird.  No matter though, Santa still came.  We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas going back and forth between our parents houses, which was fun.  We had dinner with my parents, saw buddy, went to the Davies’ and had more dinner, and we played a little Country Dance on the Xbox Kinect at the Davies and that was absolutely hilarious.

Christmas we opened our presents at 6 AM.  Just kidding it was like 8.  But we definitely didn’t hit the snooze button.  Then we headed over to my parents for a while, ate breakfast, watched some N.B.A. Christmas games, and headed over to the Davies.  We went to Les Mis with them.  I will explain my feelings on Les Mis later.  Ha ha.  And then we hung out there for a little while afterwards.  Then it was back to my family’s house to see Trav and Saundra and the little ones.  It was a good Christmas and we both had fun. 

Here’s some pictures from Christmas: 

Those cookies were for Santa. 
Look at those chinky eyes.  He’s a keeper!
Christmas Day Dinner Under the Tree

Well that shall be it for this Christmas post.  I hope you all enjoyed yours 🙂  Happy Holidays!

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  • Reply Kalina Zufelt-Clegg December 29, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Yay!!! Since I haven't seen you in forever, and I hate talking on the phone, I'm glad you made this so I could know how your first married Christmas was. It looked like fun 🙂

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