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January 2013


    Right Now

    January 31, 2013

    Right now… I miss: Warm weather, Africa, running in the sun, green grass, driving with the car window down and my arm out the window, and mostly anything to do with sunshine and summer I love: That I actually did my reading assignments today.  Don’t judge.  And that the Jazz won. I am looking forward to:  Being able to one day afford expensive toilet paper.  I really am looking forward to that day.   I’m grateful: For a great internship/job where…

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  • Lifestyle

    Flash Back Friday: THS

    I’m starting a new thing!  It’s called Flash Back Friday.  I think on instagram it’s #tbt for throwback Thursday?  Not quite sure.  I’m still in the age of the ‘dumb’ phone so I’m not…

    January 24, 2013
  • Lifestyle

    Les Mis: You Might Not Like This

    It is 2013 and I am slightly disappointed we didn’t have at least a small zombie apocalypse.  Well.  Not really.  I saw I Am Legend a few years ago and that was enough.   (Though…

    January 7, 2013