Flash Back Friday: THS

January 24, 2013

I’m starting a new thing!  It’s called Flash Back Friday.  I think on instagram it’s #tbt for throwback Thursday?  Not quite sure.  I’m still in the age of the ‘dumb’ phone so I’m not quite up there with the hashtags.  #nosmartphone #istillhaveatwittersoiknowenoughabouthashtags #isthattoolongofahashtag?

But on to the point!  The last 3 weeks I have had some major run ins with the some TWolves!  Not literal ones, the ones I graduated and went to school with.  The human ones.  A couple good buddies got back from their missions and some are leaving!  It was great to see so many of us back together.  One thing I love about my xc pals is that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other we are still great friends.  We still find each other hilarious and awesome.

Jr. Jazz reffing has provided for some run ins as well.  Saw some old high school kiddos and I ran into Mr. Larsen ,my old Student Council adviser [who was FANTASTIC and hilarious], and Mrs. Swenson who was my 11th grade English teacher.  She didn’t remember my name but came up and asked if I was her former student.  I bet if I had said I was the one who wrote Go Jazz! on every paper it would have all come back.  Let’s just say the first semester she docked me points and told me to stop writing it.  I didn’t.  And eventually the points stopped coming off.  #winforbrooke #diehardjazzfan #nevergrowup #stillstubborn

Anyways, my times as a T-wolf were absolutely wonderful.  A lot of people hated high school.  I didn’t.  I loved it.  I had great friends and lived it up.  (Wouldn’t go back, but it was great while I was there.)   I had hilarious and great cross country teammates who were simply the best, a coach who helped us be like family, and a twin brother who was there every day with me.  We did the craziest things and laughed our guts out.  Literally. 

Thanks for the memories friends! 

Once a t-wolf always a twolf! 

  I don’t have too many pictures on my laptop here but here’s a few from my senior year. 

Have a good un!

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