Right Now

January 31, 2013
Right now…
I miss: Warm weather, Africa, running in the sun, green grass, driving with the car window down and my arm out the window, and mostly anything to do with sunshine and summer
I love: That I actually did my reading assignments today.  Don’t judge.  And that the Jazz won.
I am looking forward to:  Being able to one day afford expensive toilet paper.  I really am looking forward to that day.  
I’m grateful: For a great internship/job where I learn so much about how to be a better person and leader; that my bunny didn’t die last week and just has arthritis; that summer is almost here; that my parents have cable and live close so that we can still watch the Jazz games; for nerdy history jokes that I think are absolutely hilarious and that Brandon will push up fake glasses on my nose every time I laugh at them.  
On another completely unrelated note…
Last Saturday for our date night Brandon and I went up to see some of my favorite campers in their school play…. LOVE them!  And had a great night out with the eternal man roommate.   I’m glad that I Brandon still takes me out on a date every week.  Definitely helps.

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