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February 2013


    I Will Never Ski…Or Snowboard.

    February 18, 2013

    Well.  First thing is first: I have absolutely no desire to ever go legit skiing or snowboarding.  I went cross country skiing today with the eternal man roommate using one of our last gift cards from the wedding.  Let’s just say I have the coordination of a 3 year old.  Did I almost slide to my death?  Yes.  Did I have to chase my ski (singular) for a good half mile?  Yes.  Did I laugh a lot?  Yes.  Did Brandon…

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  • Lifestyle

    Life Isn’t Always Perfect

    Sometimes your husband has a hard weekend…Which turns into you having a hard weekend…And then your bunny dies.  So what do you do? You go to Taco Amigo with one of your best friends. …

    February 5, 2013