I Will Never Ski…Or Snowboard.

February 18, 2013

Well.  First thing is first: I have absolutely no desire to ever go legit skiing or snowboarding.  I went cross country skiing today with the eternal man roommate using one of our last gift cards from the wedding.  Let’s just say I have the coordination of a 3 year old.  Did I almost slide to my death?  Yes.  Did I have to chase my ski (singular) for a good half mile?  Yes.  Did I laugh a lot?  Yes.  Did Brandon laugh a lot at me?  Yes.  After we finished our little basically flat adventure we watched the real skiers on the mountain.  What possesses anyone to go careening down a steep mountainside is beyond me!  Needless to say I will be keeping my legs, neck, and life in tact and avoiding any sort of ‘legit’ Utah life in the future.

That’s me.  Chasing after my ski as it flew down the mountain. Yup.  That happened.

Also, in other recent events…

The 17th marked the one year anniversary of sitting on the 5th row of the Jazz game and hanging out with the Jazz bear.  OH.  And getting engaged 🙂

And Valentine’s was a good time for the man roommate and I!  We got our Texas Road House to go and enjoyed having an extra date night for the week.  Brandon got me flowers and a card and I gave him a photo book that highlighted 2012.  Basically it was just another date night but we had a great time hanging out.  I would highly recommend marrying your best friend, it makes life more fun.

Oh.  And we built a fort some time last week. Glad I married someone like him so I can fulfill my lifelong dream of always being five years old.  

I never know how to end these posts and it always feels awkward without an ending so… bye.  Have a great one.  Eat some candy.

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