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March 2013


    For the Record: I’m Feeling Better

    March 24, 2013

    Hello World! This one time about a year ago I started getting really tired, sick, and wasn’t able to run well.  I’m happy to report that for about the last month I have been feeling better! After going to approximately nine million doctors, them diagnosing me with the most random of illnesses, paying billions of dollars, having them pull samplings out of that little stomach of mine, and getting about 9 trillion viles of blood drawn… they found nothing wrong. …

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  • Lifestyle

    This and That: Spring Break

    I’m in California right now living the dream as a track athlete!  Spring break spent in San Diego (FOR FREEEEEEEEE! Name that movie!) in perfect weather, with my best friends, getting ready to jump…

    March 13, 2013