This and That: Spring Break

March 13, 2013

I’m in California right now living the dream as a track athlete!  Spring break spent in San Diego (FOR FREEEEEEEEE! Name that movie!) in perfect weather, with my best friends, getting ready to jump over some barriers into the water.  Steeple chase.  It’s classic.  And hilarious.  And so much more fun than anything else.  Did I mention BYU isn’t on Spring Break? Oh hmmm. Well, WE ARE! (see feisty reference below) Just one of the many wonderful, beautiful things about going to UVU.  Go Wolverines!

Look at that guy upside down!  Could be me this weekend!

In other news…I have been one feisty mama this last week.  It happens to me every so often.  This sassy, hidden feisty protector of anyone and anything I feel is being overtaken by anything bigger than it comes out.  This feist-i-ness fights for lots and ranges anywhere from injustices against women, humanity, and minorities, to arguing with Laker or bandwagon fans, or people leaning their seats back in buses.  I might even be caught bluntly saying things about bodily functions and the way life is.  I can go from tears of empathy and sadness to fury filled debate in less than five seconds.  Sassy comments come out of this mouth like nobody’s business.  I am trying to tame this beast to make it productive but sometimes things come out like a faucet out that can’t stop.  Entertaining? Yes.  Good?  Depends.  Funny?  Usually.

I thought she captured feisty well… or just grumpy.  I don’t know.  Either way I liked this picture. 

And the Jazz might not be playing well.  That could certainly be contributing to this feistiness I’m feeling.  Losing 6 out of the last 7 can be quite enraging.  But at least Psych has been funny this season.  If the Jazz lose then I have had at least one hilarious episode of Psych to watch a week.  Plus a rerun from the seasons that I own.   Shawn and Gus, I love you two.  Sometimes I feel like you live in real life and that we really are best friends.  Shout out to Aubs for introducing me to this beautiful show!

I really want a pet bunny.

And we have a potato bug infestation in our little baby yellow house.  Literally we’ve vacuumed up 400 potato bugs in a few days all near the front door.  A exterminator dude came and sprayed so they’ve gone down but it was weird.  At least they weren’t nasty spiders or centipedes!

Oh!  And a really cool thing happened the other day.  On Tuesday before I left Brandon and I went to el templo to do some sealings.  When we were walking in I saw my beautiful friend from Oakcrest getting out of a session.  She is currently in the MTC getting ready to leave to Brazil.  I love tender mercies like that, and I love that woman!  She’s already an amazing missionary and will to awesome things in Brazil.

Dandelion (aka Sis. Hansen) is the one on the far right.  Love you!

That’s all.  Happy Spring Break.  And Go JAZZ!!!!!

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