For the Record: I’m Feeling Better

March 24, 2013

Hello World!

This one time about a year ago I started getting really tired, sick, and wasn’t able to run well.  I’m happy to report that for about the last month I have been feeling better!

After going to approximately nine million doctors, them diagnosing me with the most random of illnesses, paying billions of dollars, having them pull samplings out of that little stomach of mine, and getting about 9 trillion viles of blood drawn… they found nothing wrong.  That’s always my favorite answer: Brooke!  Good news!  Everything is ‘normal’.

Oh.  Really?  Cuz I think I feel completely normal.  Not being able to eat, stay asleep, function like a normal human being?  Definitely normal. Wait no.

So then early one Saturday morning, approximately at the bum-crack of dawn, aka 6 AM, my coach sent me over to a man named Mark…who has a doctorate and two masters in body-ness and athletic-ness stuff.  He is a genius!

I told him my random strange symptoms… well as many as I could remember.  He nodded his head a lot and then asked me if I had a few more symptoms that I hadn’t mentioned… which I did have.  And he told me: Brooke, I think that your stomach is out of acid and because of this you’re not digesting any food.

And I was like.  Hmmm.  Well.  It’s worth a shot!  Apparently acid reflux and having no acid in your stomach have the same symptoms.  I’d been treated for acid reflux and it did nothing.  So why not try the opposite?!  It certainly couldn’t hurt. 

So I have been drinking apple cider vinegar, taking acid pills, and using some digestive enzymes and doterra oils on my stomach.  The combination of this and a few changes in lifestyle habits (such as drinking nasty vinegar, not being on a computer/multi-tasking while eating, and chewing my food like nobody’s business)… and I have FINALLY been truly feeling better.

 Now I decided to give this a little time before I told the whole world.  But it’s been over a month and let me tell you…these things are actually working.  I’ve been finishing workouts, eating like normal, sleeping through the night with relatively few psycho dreams and waking up, a lot of my other symptoms have gone away or drastically improved, and I really just feel better.  I even ran well at my meet last week!

Now I’m not 100% better, and there’s still some work to do, but I think we’ve finally found the main culprit of my health sadnesses the last year.  Can I get a hallelujah?!  I’m just so grateful and happy to be back to doing the things I love without feeling like I got hit by a bus, drug through the forest, and put through the pit of despair (Princess Bride reference anyone? anyone?).  Blessings, blessings, blessings.

 Peace out world.  And please pray for the Jazz.  They could use it. 

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  • Reply Hannah March 24, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Yeah Brooke!!! 🙂 I'm so happy to hear this and hope that it just continues to get better. What a lot of frustration you must have gone through with all of this working to find a solution and time spent visiting doctors and all. I love you and so grateful as always for your incredible example! Keep it up!

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