Miracles: A Bunny, 4.0, and the NCAA’s

May 2, 2013

Once upon a time I hadn’t blogged in a long time because I was SUPER busy doing lots of cool stuff.  Well, not really.  Mostly just writing a million papers and running.  But some pretty big things have been happening here.  Ok.  I’ll try and catch everyone up.

Firstly:  A BUNNY!

Um.  Yeah.  We bought a bunny.  His name is Bumby.  Weird name?  Yes.  It’s a running joke in the family though so we thought that’s what we’d name our pet.  We got him last Friday and stole him from a first grade classroom.  Most of the kids were in tears.  Almost.  Kind of.  They just kept looking at us really sadly as we took away their precious Cocoa and Sprinkles!  (My teammate bought the other bunny).

He’s only 3 weeks old!  So he’ll get even bigger.  And cuter.

Back Story?  The teacher was selling them as a fundraiser for her class.  Brandon’s dad is the principal at the school and told us about the cute baby bunnies.  Seeing as I was currently bunny-less, had been begging to get one for at least 10 months, and especially since our one at my parent’s died in February, as Rafiki says, “It is time” or was time, whatever.  First I had to convince Brandon where we would keep it.  Laundry Room.  And that I would take care of it.  Mostly.  Successful convincing.  Then we asked our landlord who said that as long as it wasn’t a dog or cat he was a-ok with it.   Then we got our bunny!  He’s stinking cute.  I love him. 

And let’s be honest!   We are not having kids any time soon… It’d be pretty difficult to run a race with a small child growing inside of me.  AND there is no way I am mature enough for that.  So.  A bunny it is!  But when we do have children they will have cute Jazz player names.  Like Stockton.  And Malone.

Secondly:  A 4.0

 I’d like to thank google and wikipedia for this one.  I honestly have no idea how this happened!  18 credits, work, and track… and a 4.0?  That was weird.  I mean, I worked hard and everything, but until I saw my grades I had absolutely no expectation of a 4.0 this semester.  So that was pretty cool.  God must have helped me on that one.  I wrote over 60 pages in papers and final exam essays in the last week and a half of school.  No way I did that on my own. 

That’s Right.  5 it is.  Yay for redshirting!

Thirdly:  The NCAA’s

Remember once upon a time when I couldn’t even finish my workouts just 3 months ago?  Well.  Turns out… I”m better.  All better.  And running better than I ever have!  I remember talking to Brandon a few months ago when I started feeling better.  We talked about how maybe by the Fall and cross country I’d be back in shape and back to normal.  I had no idea that I would be able to get better, back in shape, and racing well this quickly! 

Our Distance Team at the Athletic Banquet

I’ve been running the steeple this outdoor season and I absolutely love it!  It’s a 3,000 meter race which means less laps.  It has barriers, which means my a.d.d. is entertained.  And it is a kick your butt type of race, which means I love it.  Jumping over water and barriers turns out to be pretty hard and fun all at the same time.  My coach has been fantastic at helping me get better at it and learn the technique and everything.  My teammates as well have been great to train with and we always help each other do better and work harder. 

Thanks to the lovely Hannah Groom Decker for taking this cool photo!

One of my goals when I came to UVU was to qualify for the NCAA’s.  It was kind of a just a dream and I wasn’t actually sure it would happen.  (Especially not after the cross country season I had).  Miraculously however, and only because God has blessed me, I am feeling better.  So far I am in a qualifying spot for the first rounds of the NCAA’s (Western Regionals).  There’s two weeks left in the regular season and we’re hoping that my time will be enough to get me qualified.  Regionals is at the end of May and we’ll know by mid-May if I’ve qualified.  Pretty exciting and quite the miracle.  Like I said, that is simply the Big Man Upstairs blessing me.  Hands down. 

Yay Buddy!  He’s great.  I’ve had a blast running with him again this year. 

 ….And in other news!

My teammate and friend Mackenzie took some pictures of us the other day!  She’s a photography major and is building her portfolio…aka she took amazing pictures of us for free!  We had a great time and she is super talented.  Visit her blog to see more of her pictures!  She’s headed out to Oklahoma on a mission soon but she’ll be back in 18 months and will be taking the photo world by storm! 

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