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June 24, 2013

One of my good friends reminded me the other day that photographs are a form of journaling…so because I apparently haven’t been in the writing mood, I’ll let the pictures and a few words do the talking!

The NCAA’s:  What an incredible experience!  I biffed it.  Hard.  I ripped my shoes.  I popped my hip.  I sweated, spat, and cried some too.  But overall it was a miracle.   It has definitely motivated me to work my little bum off in order to keep improving and use the talents God has given me! 

We went to the zoo!

And saw the animals.

Isn’t this a great face?  I’m one lucky girl. 

 Yeah… we went to the zoo!  Me and this eternal man roommate go on fun dates at least once a week.  Preferably more.  Preferably free.  Preferably with ice cream at the end of them and Taco Amigo somewhere in the middle. 

This summer has been full of work, running, school, and a bit of playing!  I’m working at Brick Oven now.  Woot woot!  Pizza.  Yum.  And the other day guess who happened to be eating there?  Oh.  Elder Perry.  And I stared at him with my mouth open a little.  And he told me not to drop the salad I was holding.  And I laughed.  And he laughed.  And he shook my hand.  And then I wasn’t grumpy I was at work anymore and I pledged I would be a better person, citizen, church member, and would change everything I do to good things.  Sort of funny but mostly true.  God works in funny ways sometimes. 

 In an effort to be more… farm-ery…. we planted a garden!  Yeah.  It is growing mostly-ish.  That’s one of my favorite things about our baby yellow house- there’s a place to grow things and a lawn to mow.  And much thanks to my dad now the sprinklers are fixed and our garden is ready to grow!

A Cinnamon Roll Hug In Action

Twinny and Jemima… two hilarious and amazing woman. 
Oakcrest….How could I not miss seeing this everyday?

Guhnat and I… Hilarious lady I tell you. Hilarious.


 We had the Oakcrest friends and family night in June.  It was awesome! I missed it last year when I was waltzing around Uganda.  I was so blessed to work there.  It provided so many happy times and lessons that have helped me in more ways than I would ever be able to explain in my journey over the last few years.  I am grateful that God helped me get there and stay there and for the incredible people and experiences that He placed in my life when I was there.  Those are some of my favorite memories and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. 

We got all crafty today.  Brandon and I made this banner-thingy.  In traditional history nerdiness I chose the paper behind because it is war-propaganda from WWII.  So I liked it.  And I chose it.  Because I love ‘Merica! And ‘Merica loves me! 

And finally… these next pictures are because I’m all about keeping things real.  Sometimes blogs and instagrams and twitters and facebooks simply highlight those perfect looking moments in our lives.  Well let’s be honest… life’s not perfect and I like to keep things real.  So here’s some absolutely beautiful real pictures from our life to help you know that there are regular people out there… whatever that means. 

Yes…. ha ha ha.  We were dying of laughter because everyone kept putting up family photos and we said… “Let’s take one with our bunny!”  And this little gem is what resulted.  Hilarious.  I look like I have a sideburn. 

Yup.  Brandon is a great photographer. 
Ha ha ha.  Yes. 
Classic Brooke face right here.
Happy summer everyone.  May the Jazz season soon be upon us. 

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