Our Summer: We Got A Little Mud on the Tires

August 15, 2013

 Well!  Our summer has officially ended, I’ve reported for cross country and I’m loving every minute of it.  One day I’ll write a spectacular post about why I love UVU, why maybe you don’t, and the secret gems of information that make it absolutely the best.  But…. I have too much ADHD for that right now so I’m just going to put up pictures from our summer and call it good. 

 We went to the Brad Paisley concert a few weeks ago!  It was SOOOOOO fun.  I love me some country. 

 Look at us, all matchy matchy wearing our plaid shirts.  It’s cute of us. 

 First of all, Brad Paisley is incredibly talented.  You know how some singers sound great on the radio and then in concert you’re like “Oh.  Hmmm. Technology did great things for your voice.”  Not Mr. Paisley.  He was a STUD!  I think Brandon even had a man crush on him.

One thing I love about Brandon and our marriage is that we go on a date every single week.  Honestly I think that’s one of the things that helps us more than anything is making sure we set apart the time to spend time just us on an official date.  Brandon will even say, “Oh, um hey, you busy Friday night?” And then I usually say “Oh well, I dunno how come?” And then he asks me out.  It’s pretty hilarious and awesome.

 We also took a spur of the moment vacation to California!  It was needed.  I love San Diego and we couldn’t resist going!  We met up with our parents and long-time vacation partners the Hermann’s. We basically just hung out at the beach and relaxed for a few days.  It was super fun. 

“Quick!  Put a line of sunscreen on your nose… it will look funny!”  Brandon’s face cracks me up in this one.
Ok, these faces here are SOOOOO classic.  Our children are going to be beautiful.  Or weird.  Both maybe.
Brandon’s gimpy eye.  Always has it.

 And earlier in the summer we took a vay-cay-chun up to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.  It was also a BLAST!  Usually I just think of H.S. cross country camp when I think of Lava but it was so fun to just go hang out up here.  Brandon and I camped and that was soooo fun.  I love camping soooo much!  Ah.  Love it.  Again we met up with the Hermann’s and my parents so it was fun.  I love small towns, and I love outdoors-ness so this was a blast. 

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