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October 2013


    October 2013

    October 22, 2013

    Life is going so sweetly right now.  I mean, yeah, I experienced grape chewer man today that I wanted to punch, and I also lost my $1 to that precious bag of cheez-its in the vending machine that got stuck on the last spin of the treat-holder-mover-dunno-the-name-thingy… but aside from that, I’m content, and that is a great place to be.  Fall Break!  Some of the sweetest words spoken to students and… yet one more reason I love UVU. We…

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    I’m Feelin 23

    Sorry T-Swift, you’re gonna have to write a new song for me to jam out to on the way to school.  See I’m feelin’ 23 and I just don’t know if I can dress…

    October 1, 2013