I’m Feelin 23

October 1, 2013

Sorry T-Swift, you’re gonna have to write a new song for me to jam out to on the way to school.  See I’m feelin’ 23 and I just don’t know if I can dress up like a hipster, talk about exes, have breakfast at midnight and I definitely shouldn’t be falling in love with strangers.  So, if you could write a new song that talks about being 23 that’d be great.  Because I’m WAY more mature now that I’m 23.  I mean, talk about a life changing age.


Thanks everyone for the kind and sweet birthday wishes!  Those of you who know me best know that I love my birthday!  Being alive is a great and wonderful thing- why not celebrate it?

Brandon helped make my birthday great!  He decorated the house, made me breakfast, took me to Texas Roadhouse, and watched a movie of my choice.  He is the best eternal man roommate a girl could ask for!  And the best friend I’ve ever had.

1 Year Ago

This Year- See, mature and refined.  Ha ha ha.

 I’ve decided to write this blog post about the things I’ve done this last year, and the things I’ve learned!

Highlights of year 22!

  • Presidential Internship: These people are amazing and I was blessed by each of them!  There were 8 of us that interned for the VPs of UVU.  That internship changed me as a person and helped me learn and grow in ways I wasn’t expecting. 

  • Running, running, running!  From one extreme to the next (struggling to travel/finish races to qualifying for the NCAA’s)- this is a year I won’t forget!  After being sick for almost a year, I was able to see some dreams come true!  God brings you low to raise you higher.

  • SCHOOL!  Um… I’m almost done!  I begin my student teaching this January!  But something that I was STOKED about this last year was this!  I got my first 4.0 of college!  And here’s a secret I haven’t told really anyone…in fact I just barely told my parents!  Turns out I was Academic All American.  So… here’s to hard work paying off!  [And long story short, there once was a professor who told me I couldn’t achieve academic success and athletic success-to him I just want to say: I did it.] Oh.  And we totally hung the certificate on the fridge, ha ha ha. 

  • Jobs!  This year I held a variety of different jobs, ha.  I mentioned my internship but I also worked at Brick Oven and continued working as an Orientation leader.  I loved all the people I worked with at both places.  Brick Oven was an exhausting job but the people I worked with were the bomb-dot-com.  I’m grateful I got to know them.  As for Orientation that was one of my favorite jobs!  Some of my bestest buddies worked there (including the eternal man roommate).  UVU is absolutely one of my favorite places and working for Orientation was such a blast.  Although I’m done working for now (20 credits and running seemed like plenty to keep me busy)… I learned so many things from those jobs!  Waitressing taught me that we make mistakes all the time (like literally ALL THE TIME), but it’s ok- they can be learned from and fixed with the help of those around us.  Orientation taught me to not be afraid to be enthusiastic about what I love and to use the talents and abilities I have to best help others.  
Um… this is the only picture I have of me in my Brick Oven attire, ha ha.  I got home from work one day and Bumby was outside playing- so I decided to join him. 

  • Our Ward! (That’s a name for an LDS congregation- for more information click here).  Man, our ward is the absolute best.  We decided to stay in the little baby yellow house for a few more years.  We love our ward and really felt like we needed to stay- and it was such a great decision.  We’ve received so much love, help, and support from the people here and it has been such a blessing to be where we are.
Bishop Mottishaw and his wife (who got released [or finished their service] in May); these people helped us so much this last year.  They’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. 

  •  And last but not least, the marriage!  

Ok.  Those just cracked me up so I thought I’d put them here.  But in all seriousness, marriage is marriage!  It’s hard work, fun, challenging, and full of tears, smiles, and laughs.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Brandon and I have had to work really hard to keep our marriage solid and stable, and that is awesome.  Marriage has a way of helping me grow more than anything in my whole life; I’m pretty sure that’s the way that God intended it to be.  More than anything I’m grateful to God for helping us every day, and for the support of our family and friends- particularly my parents and one of my best friend’s, Jess. And to all those who have helped us in small and big ways- thank you!  I love Brandon and I’m grateful for all the good times and growing times we’ve had the last year.  He is my best friend and my biggest fan.  Plus, look at that goober face.  What’s not to like?! 

Overall I think that my 22nd year of awesome lifeness was just that- awesome.  If I learned anything, I learned that I can do hard things, and that with God’s help I can do anything.  Now on to year 23!  And let’s hope that year 23 is full of more Jazz wins than last year.  Then I can do a highlight on the Jazz and that would be awesome.  Happy Jazz pre-season everybody!

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  • Reply Leah Lott October 1, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    Happy 23! I was so mad when I finally realized you weren't at Brick Oven anymore. (it takes me a while before I realized people have left.) But it's okay because I always look for you on the way to and from Smith's. If you could just always leave you windows and doors open so I can see you more often, that would be great. Thanks!

  • Reply Brooke Hodson Davies October 12, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Ha ha, I miss you Leah!! And feel free to knock on the doors (and windows) anytime you go to smiths!

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