My Practically Final Finals Week

December 12, 2013

And I thought this day would never come!  And here it is and I’ve realized… I don’t want it to come!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this girl is nearing the end of her college career.  No, I don’t graduate until next semester, but all of my classes at UVU are basically at an end because I, my friends, am student teaching come January!  I’ll be student teaching at Orem High School and am excited, nervous, and any other sort of word you’d like to insert there.  Jazzed?  Silly?  I don’t know.  Those words don’t really fit, I just wanted to say them.

So this all means that I am at my practically final finals week and am posting what has become my traditional finals post.  [Technically I’ll be taking 2 classes next semester but neither of those will have typical finals so… hence the title “practically final finals week”. ]

This post will be a shout out to finals, my peers in finals, and things I find funny that have to do with finals.  It will also be a thankamony for the things that have gotten me to my “practically final finals week”. 

First to the wardrobe.  Here is this little gem I’ve found:

I mean, isn’t this lovely?  Really lovely.  And fitting. 

How true this is.  To me it screams:  I’ve given up on my clothes, on showering, on socializing, on caring about my grades, on caring about what I eat… I have given up.  Yes my friends, I might always care about the Jazz, about running, about bunnies and Brandon, but why stress about what you can’t change?  Finals week is here. So to all you wearing sweats, coats, socks that don’t match, sleeping in the oddest places known to man kind, and who haven’t washed or done their hair because “it’s cold” … I say: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  It is finals week.  Enough said.    

Thankfully this semester I don’t have any research papers.  Last semester I wrote 60 pages worth of words in 2 weeks because of assignments/papers/finals.  I’ve never been so tired of saying what I think in my life… and I’m a fairly opinionated person, ha ha.  This semester however it is a lot more tests!  But mostly I’m grateful I’ve made it through my 20 credits and not only am I passing my classes… I’m doing surprisingly well!  We’ll see if I can hold out for the next week. 

So as I am reaching this end of college I’d like to thank the following:

Google- for teaching me more about science in .35 seconds than my professors could teach me in an entire week.

Wikipedia- for giving me the short facts and resources of some random historical event or person that I needed to write 10 pages about.

Microsoft Word Spell & Grammar Check- I mean… does this one really even need an explanation?

Pinterest & Facebook & Blogger- For entertaining me when I needed a break or when I should have really been studying. 

The UVU Education Program- For restoring my faith in higher education and that there actually are professors that know how to teach, care about their students, and want them to not only pass, but excel int heir classes

Running- Not only for helping pay for my education, but for teaching me more about life, God, and myself than I ever learned in a classroom…. and for being my place to let go of that ridiculous amount of energy this little body stores.  And for finding me the most amazing friends and coaches ever and helping my dreams come true.

To my family and friends- for always encouraging me to do my best and to keep going. 

The Utah Jazz- For giving me something to say about myself in all of those “say something unique about you”  . . . or “outside of school and running, do you have any hobbies?” games we play.  Don’t worry Jazz, I’ll never leave you… even if you don’t win more than 10 games this season. 

Well! I think that’s going to sum it up for now… I hope that all of you are at a school where they have puppies in the hallway so that you can hug them to relieve finals stress… If not, make the right choice and transfer to UVU….. THE BEST UNIVERSITY ON THIS PLANET!!!!!  I can’t say enough about how AMAZING this university is… and I’m always surprised how many people don’t know that!  Do your research on it, you won’t be sad you did.  I’m proud to be a Wolverine and I wouldn’t change it for the world…. Go UVU!  And good luck with finals everyone!! 

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