Wearin’ My Big Kid Pants

March 27, 2014

You know those times when you think you have SO much to do and then when you get home you think you can’t remember what any of that stuff was? Right now is one of those moments so I thought, what the hek!  Why not blog! 

A LOT of things have been happening over here lately!  So I guess I should say what’s been goin’ on in our “totes cute little lifeys”.  Don’t judge the previous sentence, I hang out with 16 year olds all day.
Ok so firstly… I got a job!  Not just a regular job… A SALARY JOB!  OOOOOOHHHH!! 


Yeah.    That above photo does a pretty good job of explaining the process of finding a job post-graduation.  I’ll be teaching social studies at Provo High School and coaching track/cross country this coming fall.  I am STOKED! I’ve been student teaching since January at Orem High and have absolutely loved it.  I have an incredible cooperating teacher, great principals, and have had really just a wonderful experience.  Teenagers are awesome, hilarious, and I never want to grow up so really teaching is the perfect career for me. 

Oh!  So technically I haven’t graduated yet.  That happens May 2nd.  Which brings me to my other point…

Oh my heavens I LOVE UVU!!!!!!! It has been hands down one of THE BEST decisions I made in my WHOLE LIFE to go there.  I absolutely love that place and am grateful for the opportunities it has given me in my education, career, running, and just the amazing people I’ve been able to meet there over the past 5 years.  I would say I’m sad about being done with classes…. BUT…. that’d be a complete lie! So I’ll just be honest and say I’m grateful for the experience I’ve had there!  If anyone is looking for an incredible place to go to school…. U-V-U!!!  I LOVE UVU!!!!
 But unfortunately graduation also means that my running career at UVU is coming to an end.  How do I feel about this?  Let my good friend Inigo Montoya tell you…
Summary?  I am sad!  I am grateful!  I love UVU! I love my coaches and my teammates!  I love my experiences from running!  I love everything about UVU cross country and track.  I may or may not have a break-down every few weeks about being almost done.  For the record I HATE change.  I’ve never handled it extremely well and this upcoming change is a big one. So I’m not really surprised at my freaking-out, ha ha.  Brandon tried to get me to explain how I was feeling the other day and I couldn’t.  So if I can’t even explain to my best friend of 7 years/eternal man roommate about how I feel than a blog certainly isn’t going to make it happen. Just know that running at UVU has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 5 years and running in general has pretty much been my whole life for the past 10 years.  That’s something that is going to be an adjustment when I finish at UVU. 
Um… in other news?  Brandon took the MCAT and applies for medical school in June!  Woot woot!  That little smarty pants!  He’s doing a great job and we’re excited to see where we go.  At the top of the list is the University of Utah and University of North Carolina/Wake Forest (which is also in North Carolina).  Basically I want to go to North Carolina so I can live with mini-mountains, in the sun, and an hour from the beach.  It’d be a win-win.  We just took the Texas schools off the list and I am SO HAPPY!  Don’t judge me Texas lovers…. I need something to look at outside or I go crazy.  And no, your cacti and dirt don’t count. 
Happy Mustache March!
 And little side-note… running is going FANTASTIC! I’m the healthiest I have been in YEARS and it feels incredible.  I’m so happy to be where I am with running right now!  I’ve got some big goals for the rest of the year but I’m trying to take it 1 meet, workout, and day at a time.  So when I get my goals AND accomplish them (which I can AND will do… FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS PEOPLE!) I’ll let you know. 🙂  
I guess that’s a good update for now!  Peace and love people! 
P.S. And Go Jazz!  Let’s be honest, the draft pick is looking PRETTY great right now!
P.P.S. And I’d also like to say I’m really glad one of my best friends Becca is home from her mission now!  I’ve missed her and it’s fun to have her home 🙂 


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    Congratulations on the job and the running and your husband's MCAT (good luck for the both of you!)

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