I Grachiated!

May 7, 2014
Yeah, I graduated last week… and it was AWESOME.
Now I’d love to make a blog post about how much I LOVE UVU.  Maybe for another day. Probably later this week.  Anyways, let’s not get me on a rant about UVU or why I love it… that could take a while.  So.. in the meantime… back to my graduation story! 
 Thursday was commencement and Friday was convocation.  Don’t ask me why higher education does it that way, but I actually really liked it.  [And for those who don’t know what those are: commencement is when you switch your tassel from one side to the other, convocation is when you walk and get your name read]. 
Commencement turned out to be AWESOME.  Wes Moore spoke…”Who’s Wes Moore??”…. Well he’s an incredible author and youth and veteran advocate and it was hands down one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.  It was short, to the point, and real.  He gets life and just really put the cherry on top of my experience at UVU.  The things he said were profound and really the little kick in the pants I needed to be stoked about moving forward in life.  Here’s some of my favorite things he said…
  • “Never forget that a UVU education will never simply be about a diploma but about a vision … to be something bigger.”
  • “Make sure that it mattered that you were ever here.”
  • “You have worked so hard to get where you are. Work harder. You have sacrificed so much to sit in these seats right now. Sacrifice more. You have fought hard to wear your cap and gown. Fight tougher.”
    •  “Who are you going to fight for?”
    So there were bag pipes, the above speech, jokes made by President Holland [even about the Jazz], important UVU people, decorated UVU alumni Olympians, and a whole lot of fun.  Convocation the next day was as you’d expect- long lists of names being read, family cheering, and lots of people in black caps and gowns.  Not quite as epic as the night before, but awesome nonetheless. 
    I am both happy and sad that my educational journey at UVU is done [for now].  It’s been an awesome five years, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  So first, time for a shout-out to some of the people that helped my educational life at UVU and a little walk through my last five years.   [I’ll do one later about track/XC when I get to the end of the season!]
    To Dr. Cook:  For helping me realize that professors DO care about their students, that I am meant to be a teacher, and for simply being an amazing, inspiring person.
    To Kyle Reyes & Professor Waite:  For helping re-ignite a fire in me for multicultural education and helping the often underserved
    To Aubs:  For studying, laughing, and helping me pass all those nasty science classes [aka anatomy and microbiology]

    Of course to my family, for always making education a priority.

    And absolutely of course to Brandon.  For helping me feel like what I am doing is the best thing in the whole wide world. 

    And also to Stephanie Albach, Cameron Martin, Mr. Rhees, and all those awesome people who really have helped me… THANK YOU!!  You guys rock.

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