Is this real life?

May 23, 2014

I have a teammate that said something all track season that was quite hilarious.  You (and my teammates) know who you are.  What was this funny quote?
  “Is this real life?”

We’d be at practice doing 20×400’s and you hear a… “is this real life?”  We’d be on a trip and it’s 4 AM and we’re getting on a plane or a van or whatever else to go run around in circles and I’d hear, “is this real life?”  Eating with gangsters at McDonald’s at 12 AM after a meet… “is this real life?”.  Hilarious.  Plain and simple.

But I think this quote in my mind a lot more often than when he says it and it makes me chuckle just about every time.  When would this be you ask?  About 95% of the time I see posts on instagram and facebook.  I seriously just laugh and laugh and laugh.  Why you might ask?  Because most of what is on there is DEFINITELY not what 95% of real life is made of.

You know what I mean and you know who you are.  Yes, you eating that perfectly made snowcone with the pool in the background in your $75 dollar swimsuit being besties with your besties… Is that really your real life?

Oh you and your fantastic meal you made that you slaved over for 6 hours and it is laid so perfectly on your plate and you have all your fruits and veggies, matching napkin and tablecloth, that is whole grain, organic, and has no preservatives.  Real life?

You at the gym taking a picture of your 7 miles you just ran in preparation for your upcoming marathon that you’ll take pictures of at the start and finish line in a beautiful collage with #imadeit #26.2 #thisisreallife…. Is this really real life?

I think today social media, culture, and just good old human nature convinces us to depict our lives as all put together, fantastic, and if these lives ever have bumps in the road we handle them with all smiles, chins up, and an always perfect perspective. But let’s be real here…. that’s not real life!  Life is not that way!  I mean sometimes it is, but those are the highlights on someone’s life reel… not their entire story.  So in an effort to combat this fake real life perception, I’m going to post some things that are REAL.  So if any of you out there every feel sad because you don’t seem to have that same highlight reel… I’ll give you some hilarious real life.

Some of the best people I know in one of the places it was easiest to live real life.

#1.  If I took a picture of my food this week (and most weeks) it would consist of Totino’s pizza and cutting an avacado with a chopstick & eating meals off of plastic cutting boards (because we didn’t do the dishes for like a week and a half and it was AWESOME).

#2.  My every day adventures?  Mowing the lawn, doing and then forgetting laundry that is in the washer and rewashing it 1 (or 2) more times, realizing that our bunny is smelling badly and someone should clean that cage, getting frustrated with my students that won’t listen or are disrespectful, falling asleep in more than one nightly prayer, waiting around for Brandon to get home, attempting to read “A Tale of Two Cities” and realizing 2 paragraphs in that this is WAY boring and my vocabulary is not based in old English and deciding to watch the Bachelorette instead, and eating a whole box of twix ice cream bars.

#3. If I took pictures of me at practice/exercise you would see drool on my face (literally), hair that hasn’t been washed, and times when I’m like, “I’ve done 5 crunches…I think that might count for the day… I’ll do more at home later”.  [At home is code for that ain’t gonna happen in a million years]

#4.  My daily outfits consist of basketball shorts and tshirts and a bun on top of my head. Maybe I should post a picture of that awesomeness.  This week I wore my hair down to teach and one of my students asked if I got extensions.  Ha ha, no, I just actually showered and put in half an effort to look like an adult that day.  And on that note…who can afford $70 swimsuits every time they go swimming?  Not me.  I have my one from high school that is so worn out it should probably be thrown away.

So what I’m saying here is that although I love catching up on people’s lives on social media, people usually only post the highlights, not REAL LIFE.  So if you want to laugh about a real life story, read this article about a mom at the end of the school year, it’s hilarious.  And just be real everyone.  That’s what it’s all about, well, that and the hokey pokey.

Go Jazz.

Oh, and I took senior pictures a month ago.  Some of them are way cute… and some of them are a lot like the next pictures.  Real life, ha ha ha.


Cheesin it up B.

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  • Reply Erin and Alan Farnes May 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    Loved this post. I totally agree. I've read posts like this before and there's a definite fine line between showing real life and feeling like you aren't trying to better your life. I hope that made sense. For example, I took a picture of me in a t-shirt and hair up, cuddling my son today because that's real life right now (although it didn't show the spit up that went down my shirt) but I don't want to accept that as the norm for everyday life from here on out. I hope that I can do my hair more in the future and wear a (dare I say it) blouse. It's a very confusing line for me. Anyway, I LOVE reading your blog posts and hearing about your life 🙂 Love you buddy!

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