June 9, 2014


It’s sunny, and I can be outside, and it’s really just my favorite.

This guy [and technically me too I suppose] applied for med school last week.  On the list?
#1: The U of U

And also on the list:
UNC, UCSD, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona (2 schools), Colorado, Wake Forest (NC), Arkansas, Virginia, New York, West Virginia, & Connecticut.

We’re pretty hopeful!  And even if we don’t get in this year, we’ll keep applying until they get in.

In other news, one of my best friend’s Jess got married last week.  It was a fantastic sealing (not that they can ever be bad, ha ha)… and a fun reception.  We’re so happy for her and Jeff!

Also… I started coaching today!  It’s a change of style but I’m liking it.  I mean technically I’ve only coached for like an hour, but hey, it was a good hour.  

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