The 4th & Two Years

July 15, 2014

The 4th of July is hands down my FAVORITE holiday.  It’s better than Christmas, it’s better than New Year’s, and it’s dang better than Halloween.  [Although if my birthday were a national holiday it might be a tie].  ‘Murica, the outside, and summer.  How could this not be someone’s favorite holiday?  Not to mention our anniversary comes two days later [not a coincidence].  We get fireworks on my favorite holiday and on our anniversary.  It’s a win. [A phrase which I have been over-using lately].

4th of July Roof Top Concert Series (FOR FREE!); so much fun!
Hilarious shirt, I know. Brandon got it for me when I graduated.
Don’t mind the sweat stained faces… We don’t have air conditioning and by the end of the day it really shows.
We love the 4th.  Freedom Run races with the twin/sister-in-law/nephew [no I didn’t run], watching the parade for the whole 15 minutes my ADD could handle, making pancakes, having BBQ’s, getting food with the family, and ending the night with the Roof-Top Concert and fireworks followed by Stadium of Fire Fireworks from our front porch?  Provo has treated us good on the 4th.  

As for the anniversary…. 7.6.2012

I’m not going to do some sappy post about our anniversary and love, ha… that’s not me.  But I am grateful for this guy and the person he allows and inspires me to be.  Marriage is hard, but how else are we supposed to grow?  But there are also so many hilarious, fun, and awesome moments that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I put this one on because Brandon’s face KILLS ME!! I was laughing for like 20 minutes straight after we took this one.  He looks terrified! Ha ha ha. 
Got the dress dry-cleaned… only 2 years late… [and for only $30!]

Happy July to everyone!  And may your swamp coolers work better than ours 🙂

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  • Reply Kalina Zufelt July 15, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    You are the coolest person I know. And I'm proud you watched the parade for a whole 15 minutes! That's longer than I ever last.

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