Game Changing Workouts

July 18, 2014

Some of you may know that I am coaching cross country this summer/school year at Provo High.  I really like it.  Though I’m still getting a hang of things, learning [and remembering] names, adjusting from a collegiate training level to training high schoolers, I really do like it.  I’ve always loved being on a team and although coaching is a different role entirely than an athlete, it still is a team.

Today the kids did a speed workout and it was one of those workouts that gets you excited for your team.  Those happened to me in high school and college and it’s fun to see it happen with athletes I’m coaching.    It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just some 400’s around the track.  But it is so great to see athletes break barriers, come together, and improve.  Running is a slow process.  No one can become a great runner overnight and it takes patience.  Coaching takes patience.  [Patience is not a virtue I am particularly gifted with… if I can get something instantly I’ll usually do it.  Maybe that’s why God made me a distance runner, so He could teach me patience every single day.]  But it’s workouts like today that make it fun and make all the hard work (whether as an athlete or a coach) worth it.  It’s fun.  I heard some of the kids say it today too… “That was one of the funnest workouts I’ve ever had”.  It’s a strange concept, that hard work can be so much fun, but it really is.

As for my own running life……

Some of you also may know that I got surgery on my nose.  No, I didn’t get a nose job, ha ha ha.  I got my crooked nose and poorly grown nose cartilage all fixed up so I can breathe through it.  Who knew that people used their noses to breathe?  I honestly didn’t until 3 months ago when the doctor told me I didn’t use mine to breathe and that’s what they were for, ha ha.  The recovery has been long and I’ve had to be patient with my body and myself.  It required 5 weeks completely off of running, an entire week of laying down on the couch with vertigo [bad rare and random side effect from the surgery],  and resulted in my being very out of shape.  Combine that with the struggles of the end of my track season and it’s been difficult.

My body is healing but much slower than I would like.  It still hasn’t quite recovered from the flu I got back in April or the surgery but it’s coming little by little… I think, ha.  I may have accidentally done 2 of the 400’s with the girls today and it wasn’t awful (don’t tell the doctor!). For now I’m back to drinking vinegar, taking HCL pills and all of the other things I really don’t like doing but need to do to heal up my body.  It’s a long road but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get healthy again and run the way I’d like to and go and chase some of my dreams.  For now though, it’s 4 mile runs here and there at a slow pace and lots of rest.  God really does like teaching me patience and endurance.  At least though He gave me a talent and love for something that has taught me so much and is something that I can live and breathe (now literally) for.  It’s given me the best friends and taught me some of the best lessons.  Let’s just hope that at some point I’ll be back to doing it at the level I know I’m capable of doing it at.  Until then, I’ll try and tell myself that apple cider vinegar tastes good.

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  • Reply Leah Lott July 20, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Dang Brooke! I had no idea that all these years you weren't breathing through your nose! And I had no idea that nose surgery could be so debilitating! And gross (vinegar is nasty!) But you are so happy and positive and I look up to you so much! I laughed when you said you could only run 4 miles easy. Anything longer than 2 miles is hard for me. haha. You are one crazy, awesome runner and I'm so excited for you to teach/coach. We should be teacher friends and go to lunch and talk about all the teachery things that we go through!

  • Reply Brooke Hodson Davies July 21, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Please please please let's do!! Where did you guys end up finding a place to live?

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