Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! I want them!

September 16, 2014

So…. I have looooved the house we’ve been residing in for the last 2.5 years, the ward (church congregation) we’ve been in, the people we’ve met, and even at times the location (2 minute walk from the library, Smith’s, and the rec center and work).  I’ve loved mowing the lawn and having our own little place without neighbors up, down, or beside us.  I’ve LOVED how inexpensive our rent is.   Provo has treated us well.  I’m surprised to say that I’ve enjoyed living here and the BYU Cougar people have for the most part, been really kind to us Wolverines.  It’s been a wonderful experience.



Thanks Squintz for phrasing what I feel almost daily now so nicely.  I mostly notice these things when BYU gets back in session… No offense BYU, you just have a lot of very resourceful people that tend to bother my quiet, little, life.  Here is a list of things I am stoked beyond all reason to get out of Provo for: 
6.  I’ll be able to live in a house where both the toilet handle stays on the toilet, the floor doesn’t slant towards the South, and the drain will actually you know, drain.  
5.  I won’t nearly hit 15 pedestrians on their way to BYU or Smith’s as I back in or out of my driveway everyday
4. I won’t hear the million cars/motorcycles that love to drive down the road at 2:00 AM.
3.  I will be able to go grocery shopping without every single poor person food being out of stock [We tried to go shopping Saturday… all the poor people bread, eggs, cheese, fruit, cup of noodles=gone.  We attempt Monday… only 1/2 of the poor people food is gone.]
2. I’ll be able to go running somewhere without car exhaust being blown into my step every other face [it came out that way and I’m leaving it that way] and without having to try and convince myself that not all the people on the Provo River Trail are rapists and serial killers.  
1.  I’ll be able to watch Jazz games without driving 25 minutes to my parents house.  
I know, my life really isn’t that bad, but I think because I graduated, we don’t go to BYU, and I’ve always loved living out in the wilderness with no one around, I’m ready to get out of the “city”… as “city” as Provo is.  Part of it i because we literally live smack dab in the middle of Provo, the other part is I really do think I’m just getting ready for that next phase of our life.  
I really hope we get into the University of Utah because that would be so much better financially and in terms of family around.  But currently because of how itchy I am to get out of this city, the South is sounding AMAZING.  
So enjoy my pictures of where I imagine we can be for medical school when I’m lying in bed awake at 3 AM because Joe down the street forgot to get back to his apartment and is using his amazing muffler to serenade the crickets and me.  


My personal favorite… North Carolina

North Carolina.. See!! No one near you! And I can have a little farm.

I guess I could settle for Virginia beach and a little house (below)

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