24 Years of Life

September 28, 2014

It’s really no secret that I love my birthday; this year was NO exception!  I had a FANTASTIC birthday and each year it seems to be even better!

 Each month I make a list of things I’m going to do.  Each list has things I want to do for myself and a list of things I want to do for others.

Following the making of the list, I celebrate my birthday for the entire month and then really hit it hard the week of my birthday.  I tried this year to give gifts to my students, do something for the church, help out a family member/friend and do a few fun things for myself I might not normally do (like go to Taco Amigo once or twice a week :D).

Some fun things Brandon and I did for birthday month were:

  • Go to a UVU soccer game (SOOOOOO much fun!!) (We won by the way… We’re 4-3-0, beat #11 @ this game and lost in overtime to #4 U.C. Riverside today…. I love me some UVU futbol)

  • On Labor Day we had a rockin’ Brazil food/slip n’ slide party with Becca, her cousins, and some ward (congregation) friends.

  • Sunday before our birthday we had family over for cookies/ice cream.  It was awesome to get a lot of our family together.   

Brandon got me these SWEET!!! socks for my birthday. They are so cool.
My actual ‘birthday’ was sooo fun!  Brandon took me out to eat, students wished me happy birthday all day and my buddy Mrs. Gent even brought over her last class to sing to me!  We had popsicles with the team at practice, two of my bestest friends (Becca & Sharesa) came to visit me, I got a bunch of texts from friends, and cards from family!  At night Brandon took me to Mustang Grill by UVU, we dined on some fantastic steak, and finished off the night watching Jimmy Fallon and going to visit my twin at work.   
Sharesa AKA Lakota 
Becca & I a few years ago living the dream in a singles ward
My best friend in the whole planet!!
Overall though, my favorite part of my birthday is and always will be sharing it with my twin.  I think God knew that I would always need a buddy and he gave me a permanent partner in crime to make it happen. Thanks for making the last 24 years awesome Buddy!  I look up to you and all the sacrifices you make for your wife, little baby boy, and for all of us.  Love you lots.  


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