Running & Conference

October 4, 2014

I finally got back to running this week!  I was SOOOOOOO excited.  I couldn’t exercise really at all for the last 4 months and it was hard work not doing that!  After 10 years straight of running/working out 6 days a week, it was a funny adjustment doing nothing.  But, my body was extremely worn out/burnt out from all it’d been through especially the last few years.  I’m happy to report though, that my resting heart rate is back to where it should be.  After hovering anywhere from 75-100 bpm (which is pretty high for an endurance athlete), after 4 months of rest it’s back to 50!  Getting burnt out meant my body had been working too hard for too long.  I’m glad the rest has done it’s job.

I can only run every other day, a max of 9 miles a week, but I’ll take what I can get!  I’m happy to be back running, but I am WAY out of shape, ha ha.  4 months off of exercise is a long time and my legs (and lungs) can tell.

I’ve been thinking a lot though about this experience and what it’s taught me about rest.  God says “it isn’t requisite” for us to run faster than we have strength.  It often talks about rest in the scriptures. I definitely didn’t work out too hard on purpose, or do too much on purpose, but I have learned a valuable lesson in resting.  Resting when we don’t want to, resting when we need to, and resting even when we think we’ll be fine is important.  It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push ourselves, but I think all of us should rest from time to time to make sure we’re fully rejuvenated and then we’ll be able to help other people more fully.  
Speaking of rejuvenation… general conference (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is this weekend!  To learn more about general conference, click here.  I was able to go to the women’s session last weekend, and go up with some friends and Brandon to today’s afternoon session.  I love conference because it is always full of hope, guidance, and testimony of the Savior and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the earth today.  It always helps me focus, make better goals, and find ways to help others.  I love it.  Thanks for taking us Erica & Rich!
Happy weekend everyone! (And only a few more weeks until the regular Jazz season, WOOHOO!!)

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