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November 2014


    Thanksgiving 2014

    November 28, 2014

    Well… we rocked it this Thanksgiving (as always). but this year… the meals were less spread apart and our stomachs felt the pain! 2 Thanksgiving feasts 2 hours apart.  My mouth was so excited, my stomach is still angry. We love having our families so close!  But it does make splitting up the holidays a little trickier.  However I really think we’ve mastered it, and because we have such kind and relaxed parents, they’re good on us bouncing back and…

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  • Lifestyle

    To My Students Who Cried Today

    Today I had such an interesting and eye opening experience.  The last few weeks I’ve been seriously questioning my career choice.  Not because I hate my job, but because my job is really hard,…

    November 18, 2014
  • Lifestyle

    Happy Halloween & Other Exciting News

    We had such a great Halloween! We dressed up as 90’s Jazz fans… with legit Jazz gear from the 90’s (I knew it’d come in handy some day). We had a blast at our…

    November 1, 2014