“Excuse Me, Do You Have Wi-Fi Here?”

February 24, 2015

I haven’t blogged in a while mostly because I’ve been crazy busy!  But also because I haven’t really had anything much to blog about.  (I mean I’m sure I did but I just was too lazy to think of sarcastic things to put alongside it to thus entertain my readers).  But as of about 5:48 PM I am in a RIDICULOUSLY sarcastic mood and my students were making me laugh today with their sticky notes so thus a blog post!

Why might I be sarcastic?  Well, after an 11 hour work day and 19 minutes to spare before my coaches meeting, I thought I’d go grab myself a taco & enchilada at El Azteca across the street from PHS.  Taco Tuesday anybody?!  Delicious!  I was quite satisfied.

As I was about to leave and I’m scraping off my tray this (I’m about to stereotype) BYU classic, college, male student asks me, “Do you have wi-fi here?”.

 I look around and am like, “Hmmm… I don’t have a lanyard on, or an apron, nor a name tag, I’m wearing a backpack and am holding my phone in my mouth…. must not be talking to me, I shall keep scraping this enchilada sauce into the garbage”.


Zoob Man: “EXCUSE ME… BUT do you have WI FI here???”

Oh by golly!  He is talking to me!

I stare.

Zoob Man: “So do you have wifi here?”

Me: “Um, I don’t work here.”

Then he awkwardly stands there looking at me and I laugh and walk out.

Well that was awkward!  Good thing awkward is my specialty!

I’m still not exactly sure what made him think I worked there, I mean, I was emptying my tray into the garbage like a normal human does at a place of eating but aside from that, I’m at a loss.  Perhaps I just have one of those looks of a classic, delicious, traditional only-can-be-made-by-an-authentic-Mexican-food worker.  I don’t know.  I mean, some of my polygamist ancestors did live in Mexico at some point, likely my heritage coming through.  Either way, what a way to end my 19 minute dinner break!

So I’ve been busy.  I’ve been teaching, coaching basketball, coaching track, I got called to work with the young women in my ward (local congregation), I’ve been running again, watching the Jazz lose (although they’ve won two games in a row… I know, it’s been awesome), my hair has been falling out [another story for another day], and hanging out with my rock star eternal man roommate.

BUT!  Can I just say some of my students have been CRACKING me up!! They are so funny.  December was like the teaching month from down under (not Australia, although my geography students have no idea where Australia is).  I HATED it!  I was literally questioning everything about my job.  The last two months have been SOOOOO much better!  This week especially has been so entertaining!

We’ve been learning about the Great Depression.  Last time we had a lesson where they went through a simulation about finances in the Great Depression.  Hilarious.  Let’s just say they were asking if they could sell their spouses and children and making clothing out of paper.  Probably had to be there but they were cracking me up.

Today I asked them to write on a sticky note what they thought we should do to fix the Great Depression.  These are EPIC answers! Here are some of my favorite answers from today:

First, the violent student:

Interesting idea! I’ll be sure to never vote for you.  Next, the #throwbackthursdayiammormonstudent:

Back to the Revolution!  I’m so proud of you for remembering we learned about Mother England.

Ah, up next we have the “Technology Rules My Life” student:

Thanks for that brilliant solution, I’ll be sure to tell Obama to try that.  Coming up we have the

“I’ve seen Disney Movies” student:

And finally, the one that needs no explanation but is just hilarious!

High schoolers: They are funny!  Have a great week everyone, I know I will!

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  • Reply Kalina Zufelt February 24, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Hahahaha Brooke you kill me and make me actually laugh out loud! I love your stories!

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