May 21, 2015

Updates, updates, updates!

Our cute little lifeys are going swell!  Here’s some updates from the last few months:

Graduation from UVU! 

Brandon graduated!  We are so excited for him 🙂  He recently got a job up at lab in Murray working as a “scientist”!  He wears a lab coat and everything and is really enjoying it.  Unfortunately we didn’t get into med school this year.  We got pretty far though, so hopefully after retaking the MCAT, and making some tweaks on his applications… we’ll be able to get in!  We’ll reapply this June for the 2016 school year.

My sister and I coaching

Track season is over!!!!!  My sister coaches hurdles at Maple Mountain and it’s been fun being able to hang out with her.  I think one of my favorite things about track is just hanging out for hours and hours with friends and family.  It’s the greatest!

So coaching… I had I think my favorite experience I’ve had all year this last week at region.  One of my cute little distance runners was trying to qualify in the 800 for state.  She was .15 away the week before and we were really hoping she’d be able to get it at region.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go perfectly at region and she barely missed qualifying.  After her race, she was so sad; she was crying and was understandably upset.  As I was walking down to go talk to her, I teared up!  It was seriously the greatest.  I know that might seem odd that this is my favorite experience but let me explain.  All year I was waiting for that transition where I cared so much about my athletes that I got nervous when they got nervous, and I was happy/sad when they were.  I’d had a few experiences like that, but nothing compared to this one.  So overall.. this was awesome.  Not awesome that she had a bad race, but awesome that I had finally given enough of myself that my athletes ups and downs are my ups and downs too.

As for teaching… Let’s just say… I AM PUMPED FOR SUMMER!!!!!! From getting the F bomb yelled at me in the morning to a student using syri to try and cheat on his test (actually that one was kind of funny because of how dumb it was, ha ha) yesterday even more sunk in that I’m ready to be done for this school year!  These weeks since Spring Break have been long for the students and for me!  I love them, but I’m excited to see them leave my room in a few weeks, ha ha.  I’m really excited to have year one of teaching under my belt.  Mostly my yellow personality is excited to play all summer!!

Also, after a lot of thinking, pondering, tears, and talking, Brandon and I made the decision to move to Timpanogos next year.  I have LOVED Provo High and literally bawled in front of my principals because I didn’t want to leave.  But, I also want to be a mommy and help Brandon follow his dream to be a doctor and in order to do that financially, we needed to make some changes.  Alpine District offers a few things that unfortunately Provo can’t offer us currently.  Although changes are hard, I am really excited for this new adventure and am excited to go “home”.  Timpanogos has always held a special place in my heart and I really do feel like I’m going home.

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  • Reply Kalina Zufelt May 28, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    You want to be a mommy?!?!?!??!? Ahhhhhh YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! Brooke thats so exciting! You guys are so great and cool and fun and that's way cool Brandon is a Scientist. How grown-up is that?! Man, you guys are the coolest, I want to be like you.

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