Three Years!

July 6, 2015

I really, really, really hate sappy and un-real or entirely negative and out of control tweets, blogs, instagrams, fill in the blank type of posts.  So I try to keep it real on this blog here.  Here are my thoughts after 3 WHOLE years of marriage.  [I know, we’re basically experts.]

Marriage is hard.  Some people might say it’s easy, but I really believe that at some point in everyone’s life, marriage, just like life, will be hard.  It’s levels of difficulty vary from day to day, month to month, and year to year; but marriage for some moments for everyone will be challenging.

Marriage though, is also the greatest thing I’ve ever done. It has made me laugh, grow, excel, look outside myself, push myself, dream bigger, think deeper, and love greater than before.  This year of marriage in particular has been more fun, easier, and fantastic than the 2 preceding.  [**As a side note… to my single friends of all ages, God has a plan for you and He will always, always, always, help us grow exactly how much and in exactly the right spot for what we need.  So keep on keepin’ on…God has a plan for you and for me.]

The other day Brandon and I were going on one of our nightly walks and were talking about this thing called ‘marriage’.  We were talking about who we might be if we hadn’t married each other, and maybe more interestingly, where we might be.

Brandon said he would probably be in med school in Texas, New Mexico, or Wisconsin [or some other state I can’t get myself to move to].

I said I would probably be working/living/schooling it up in Washington, D.C., or being an eternal camp counselor, or living in some remote village around the world.


However, that was us before we were an “us”.  Three years later we still have our dreams.  I still love politics, want to go to grad school [eventually], love teenagers, and want to travel the world.  Brandon still wants to [and eventually will] be a doctor.  But we also have each other.

This thing called marriage really has been the greatest thing.  Sure we’ve had our patches of hard.  We’ve been stretched, pulled, tugged and yanked.  When two people combine their entire lives, say yes to each other and to God for literally forever, there’s going to be some growing pains.   Brandon and I have weaknesses just like the rest of the world [shocking! I know!] and marriage has uncovered those weaknesses.  Marriage also [as we worked and worked] has helped us overcome those weaknesses. It has been the greatest because I know that I am a much better person and am progressing at a much faster rate than I ever did by my lonesome, and I’m doing it with my best friend right next to me, who loves me for my strengths and loves me despite my weaknesses. I get to wake up every day and attempt to put someone else’s happiness in front of my own.  With each other’s and God’s help, we’ve become better people and loved each other in a different way far beyond and far deeper than that glorious butterfly stage.

So that my friends, is our three years.  Ups, downs, laughs, cries, and a whole lot of memories.  I look back at who I was three years ago and who I am now, and I can see why marriage has really been the hardest and the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

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    I love your posts! Happy 3 years to two incredible people! Love you both!!

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