The Teaching Summer

August 9, 2015
This summer has been THE GREATEST!!!!!!!  I have done nothing and everything and am so pumped about it.  From watching my nephew to coaching to camping, this has been an awesome summer.  Because of that, I haven’t really blogged.  I just haven’t been in the mood and thus I haven’t blogged!

So, what have we been up to?

Well, Brandon has pretty much been working, working, working and studying, studying, studying!  I previously mentioned he got a job and is loving it!  He rides the train up to Salt Lake every day so he’s gone basically from 7 to 7.  He also just took the MCAT [again :)] so he was studying for 2-3 hours every night when he got home!  We’re in the midst of med school applications and he’s handling it like a champ!  I’m so proud of him for all of his sacrifices and things he does. Lately I’ve just been like… dang!  I love this guy!  He really is my best friend and we are having a blast living life together!

Some fun things we’ve done together when he hasn’t been studying and/or working:

Celebrating the 4th of July!!! We ran the Freedom Run 10k, had a BBQ, and went to see Journey at Stadium of Fire!  I LOOOOOVVVEEE the 4th!!

We spent our 3rd anniversary camping up in East Canyon.  It was so fun!  This year really has been the best year yet!  For our anniversary I gave Brandon tickets for us to go to the Zak Brown Band concert.  He was so fun!  We try to go to a concert every summer and this one did not disappoint!  I love me some country music!

My bestie teaching friend got married!  I couldn’t have made it through that year without Kayli!  She is one of my favorite people and I’m grateful God puts awesome people like that in my life!  Her wedding was beautiful and incredibly fun to be a part of.  
  I also went to Youth Conference and girls camp.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it, ha ha.  We went rafting down in Moab for Youth Conference and went to Mia Shalom for girls camp. It was so fun being with the youth, being outside in nature (my favorite!!), and helping teach and learn about the gospel!  I love working with the youth and seeing all of their great potential.  
Speaking of youth… A lot of my summer has been spent coaching cross country for Timpanogos.  It has been an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!  I was a little nervous going back to my alma mater, but it has been one of the biggest blessings this summer.  This last week we went up to cross country camp. It was so fun.  I have loved getting to know these kids and being back with Jody and others that influenced me so much in high school.  It’s really helped me see how much I love coaching and made me excited for the upcoming season.  
The whole gang!  What a blast!
Here’s me running up the beastliest hill ever!  But hey!  I PR’d from high school so that was good, ha ha. Thanks Jen for the pictures!

On a sad note, Brandon lost one of his mission friends about 2 weeks ago to ADEM.  He left behind a sweet wife and little baby girl.  We have been so amazed and blessed by their strength as we visited Rolfe in the ICU and then attended his funeral.  You never know what is going to happen in life, but it is such a blessing to have the gospel and covenants we make.  Just a few days after we attended Rolfe’s funeral, we attended my cousin’s wedding in St. George.  Hearing the words “for time and all eternity” at the temple took on a deeper meaning for us and we are grateful for the sealing power and for the temple.  God truly is aware of us, and even though sad and awful things happen, He provides the Gospel and Jesus Christ to help us get through all of it.  

Brandon and Rolfe on the mission coming home
Brandon, Rolfe, and Borrego coming home

The mission crew at the funeral

One of the tender mercies of this was being able to meet a ton of people from Brandon’s mission including his mission president and wife.  We all went out to eat after and it’s fun to get to know Brandon even more from talking to these people he served and lived with for two years.  

This has been an AWESOME summer!  I’ve loved being able to hang out with family and friends and just relax, run, and have a great time.  Now it’s onto school and teaching and all that comes with that!

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    I love Jen! I haven't seen her in years and often think of her when I put on THS sweatshirt. She told me I was getting the wrong size and basically overruled me. She was right and it is my favorite to this day. Please tell her hello for me.

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