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August 28, 2015

Oh man remember that time it was the summer and I wasted away my life running around the mountains, eating Taco Amigo, watching Blue Bloods, and taking daily 2 hour naps.  IT WAS THE GREATEST!  Then some time around August 8th, I realized that I had to go back to work to pay our mortgage in order to not be homeless. Adult life sure does ruin my dreams some times, ha ha.

NOW it’s the school year.  And now I remember why I had to sit on my butt all of June and literally do nothing in order to recover from said school year.  I AM BUSY.  Not that I mind being busy, but I was just so dang used to those 2 hour naps my body is having a hard time being weaned from them.

This was me basically all summer.

Despite being busy, I am loving teaching at Timpanogos.  It is a fantastic school.  I’ll admit, it was a LITTLE weird going back to where I once was a student.  Not because I’m an awkward human being, I’m totally normal and not awkward.  But, it is a little weird having Mr. or Mrs. so and so now be Kathy and Thomas.  Especially when I was in teacher trainings and they were teaching and I was sitting in a desk and I was like…. FLASHBACK!!!

Something I had assumed [and that is true] is that kids are the same everywhere.  They all have challenges and problems like divorce, poverty, depression, forgetting their homework, etc.  So that hasn’t really changed.  But at least my work load is a little less now that I’ve been teaching for a year, and I have a few more things figured out than last year.  So yeah…. only 171 more days until Summer comes back… HOORAY!!!!!!

In other news…

Brandon rocked the MCAT!!! I’m so proud of him!!  When I say rocked I mean he improved a lot and hopefully won’t have to take it again so we’re really excited.  He [and I] hated that test so we’re glad that it’s hopefully done and over with.  Hopefully this year we can help him start accomplishing his dream of becoming a doctor!

Also, the Jazz season is just around the corner!  I am pumped!  For the first time in like a decade we might not be terrible!  I mean, I still love them, but let’s be honest, this last decade has been a bit rough.  So please bless the Jazz can win… and win a lot.  That’d be great and would really help this winter go by faster.

Speaking of winter, I’m already dreading it!

YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH… not too excited about that.  It just gets so dark and cold!! And I HATE IT!! But only a few more months until the longest day of the year and then it will start getting lighter again.  That’s one of my favorite days (December twenty whateverish) when it stops getting dark and starts getting lighter.  It’s like “We did it, we made it, WE SURVIVED!! THE SUN IS COMING BACK!!” And that my friends is how much I love the sun.

And finally, totally random and not relevant to anyone but me, Brandon, and our tub drain, but my hair is falling out again!  Gosh dang it, it is annoying.  The dermatologist says they don’t know why it happens, but they tell me I’m not going bald and that it’s caused by something, they just don’t know what.  So they give me 100 shots in my head, special shampoo, and eventually it grows back.  So… if you see Miss Baldy Patches over here, you know about as much as I do on why it is happening. 

Happy Friday!!! 

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