I Still Love the Jazz & My Birthday

October 1, 2015

I haven’t blogged in a while… I didn’t even blog for my birthday or anything about the Jazz!  Why? Well this bathroom we’ve been remodeling has been quite the challenge!  But it’s almost done.  And then I’ll post pictures.  And I’ll be able to get on with my life.  AND THE JAZZ SEASON WILL START!!

Birthday:  25 years of life!! It was great!! Don’t fret, I still celebrated for a whole month!  Included in birthday month is the birthday month list.  It’s kind of a bucket list for birthday month.  Some of the things on it this year included hanging out with twin and his wife, remodeling our bathroom [hence the lack of social media], taking family pictures, surprising my students with treats, running the Nebo 1/2, and a few other things. On my birthday-birthday this guy took me out to eat, we went on a fantastic trip to Bob Firman with my cross country team [they killed it], I ate some twinkies, and I got some free ice cream at a restaurant.  Oh.  And a few days before we had a fantastic party with my whole family, twin included.

The Jazz:  I am pumped!! Just a few more days until pre-season and only 27 more days until the real season!  I’m stoked.  You can make fun of me all you want.  My students make fun of my countdown up on the board.  BUT I DON’T CARE.  I love them.  I know they’ll win the championship one day and I will be so happy.  Who knows, could be this year ;).  
So yeah!  Things are going good!  I’ll post pictures of our bathroom when finished.  Let’s just say demolishing was easy, putting back together not so easy.  
27 days!!!! GO JAZZ!!! 

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