1 Year in Our House

December 12, 2015

Well, aside from my eating habits, there are probably much more interesting things people would like to hear about!  Here’s some updates on what we’ve been up to!

Brandon had an interview about 2 weeks ago at the University of Utah for medical school!!! It’s super exciting and we’re hoping and praying that he can get in.  They let you know some time between January 5th and March 15th, so we’ll see!  He’s worked so hard and it would be amazing for his dream to come true.  Plus he could save lives, I guess that’d be cool thing too.  Currently he’s working as a scientist at a lab up in south Salt Lake helping get drugs approved for the FDA.  He rocks at it and I’m proud of him for all the work he does!

This guy could hold your life in his hands one day… don’t you feel safe?! Ha ha.

I just finished up my first cross country season at Timpanogos.  It was a blast!  Boys and girls state champs, a 5th place finish at nationals for the boys, and an overall good season… what more could I ask for?  Teaching is going well and I’m much less burnt out this year than last year, although I am PUMPED about Christmas Break.  I also had one of my favorite students from Provo drop by Timp and visit me the other day and update me about their life.  It was so rewarding, fun, and a blast to see the good things he was up to.  Teaching can be challenging/tiring and it was fun to have an up day like that.  

Jody, Me, Caleb at our XC Banquet this week
Also…. we have lived in our house for an ENTIRE YEAR!!  This house has been amazing and we’re truly blessed to live where we do, have our jobs, and also have our family close by.  About a year ago in October we attended a special regional conference for young adults in the church.  Elder Ballard spoke and both Brandon and I knew at the end of that conference two things: first, we needed to move and buy a house, and secondly, I needed to go to grad school (eventually).  Our house worked out so quickly and perfectly and we truly have been blessed to live here.  We love our ward and location and have many great friends nearby.  It’s also nice to live closer to Taco Amigo ha ha. As far as grad school goes, who knows how and when that will happen.  But if we have learned anything in our lives, it’s that when you do what God asks you to do, He’ll help it work out.  

So!  The house!  It’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, + an office, .24 acre lot!  We LOVE it.  We’ve entirely remodeled the bathroom and updated our bedroom.  Although we still need a lawn and a few other updates in the home, it has been so nice to have our own place.  Here’s some pics!  Enjoy.

Front Door & Backyard 

Living Room & Kitchen 

The nativity on our piano (and the piano in fact) both were my Grandpa’s!

Newly Remodeled Bathroom…. One day I’ll blog about how hard this was, ha ha.
Me demolishing things


Exercise Room 
Brandon’s trophies & race bibs 

A treadmill we got….for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! And some weights I pretend to use.
What workout room would be complete without Jazz merchandise?
 Extra bedroom (yet to be decorated…or used ha ha)

Our bedroom! (Sorry… not that many pictures, it’s a hard room to photograph)
Yes sir that’s a DIY pallet wall that we did I should also blog about ha ha.  
So there’s a few more room like a laundry room and storage room and cellar…. but, who wants to see those?  Happy Holidays everyone!!  We are grateful for all of you in our lives.  

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