I Had a Hot Date!

January 9, 2016

My eternal man roommate [see what I did there?] is awesome.  He takes me out every week on a date, and I love it. 3.5 years of marriage and getting better every day! He is definitely way less selfish than I am when planning said dates too.  When I plan a date I’m like, “How can we fit Taco Amigo into this?”.  Brandon thinks, “How can we fit a Jazz game into this for Brooke?”. I’m trying to improve on being more selfless.  Maybe next week we can go to Taco Amigo and go to a science exhibit.  [Compromise, it’s how we make our marriage work ;)]

For New Years we had a way fun date!  Though Brandon plans most of our dates, for Christmas I decided to give Brandon a gift of something we did instead of some random item.  I figured a weekend getaway would be just the ticket.  I planned the whole thing, and did pretty good at planning it for Brandon, ha.  There was an awesome New Year’s Eve deal up in Salt Lake to stay in a hotel, go to a Jazz game [ok, so this may have enticed me…..I’m a work in progress, ha], go to a bunch of free museums and activities, and end the night celebrating New Years with a ball drop, music, and fireworks.

IMG_6303 We walked on the moon on New Year's Eve. What'd you do?



[We’re pretty great. We walked on the moon for our date. Stop rhyming and I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?]


Let me tell you…it was so fun!!  We stayed at the Hilton and we felt really rich! We actually only stayed there because the combo deal made it like $100, ha, but still! Rich for one day! During the afternoon we went to the Clark Planetarium, a museum of art [where we spent approximately 5 minutes, ha], and saw a lot of the lights of Salt Lake.  We went todinner and then, the highlight of the evening: the Jazz game!  At the Jazz game we were sitting at the bottom of the upper bowl… this also made us feel rich! We were almost not nose-bleed Jazz fans.  Pretty impressive. The Jazz won, confetti fell on us, and we sang that random New Year’s song with 19,000 other Jazz fans and the Bear. How could my New Year’s Eve get any better than that?

After the game we were exhausted, but still had free tickets from our package to a comedy show.  The comedy show wasn’t really that funny, but we laughed at how not-funny it was.  Then we hit up the Salt Palace, listened to some random music, seriously considered going back to the hotel to go to sleep before midnight [we’re getting old….], got shoved by about 20,000 Salt Lakers wanting to see the “ball” drop, and watched it drop.  It really was so much fun!


I like this guy.  We’ve been through a lot together, but I can tell you that working through the tough times, and relying on each other and God, makes it all worth it.


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  • Reply Steph January 13, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Oh Jazzer I love how you write like you speak. You just crack me up. Your New Years looked like a Blast.

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