National Spouse Day

January 26, 2016

Once upon a time I married Brandon.  It was pretty cool.  We got engaged at a Jazz game, ate Taco Amigo weekly, had live-goldfish centerpieces at our wedding (10 of which I accidentally killed the night before…another story for another time), went on runs together, bought a house, watched more Jazz games and ate more Taco Amigo, and lived happily ever after!

I’m grateful to people who gave us advice, but mostly for this one: it gets better!  Marriage is work but also fun. Here’s some hilarious things about our marriage I thought I’d write about in honor of it being National Spouse Day and all.

1. Brandon Knows my Quirks

Brandon the other day came home from work and  I said, “You’ll be proud of me!  I saved you some pistachios!” (A rare delicacy for us).  Then he said, “Did you only leave me the ones you couldn’t crack open?” Yup.  I sure did.  Not even on purpose, but because that’s who I am, ha ha.  You’re welcome hubby.

2.  A lot on this list hold true for us:  “15 Tweets That Will Make Perfect Sense to Married People” [Mostly the Amanda Steiner one had us dying, feel free to judge us.]

3.  It’s a race to see who can eat the leftovers first. I usually win.

4.  We blame anything and everything on our pet rabbit.

Leftovers gone?  Bunny did it.  Dishes in the sink? Bunny didn’t do the chores we asked him to do. We stayed up until 2 AM eating ice cream and binge watching Psych?  Bunny was irresponsible and forgot to tell us to go to bed.

*I highly recommend getting a pet… whenever anything goes wrong, we get to blame it on the bunny!  And it’s a really, really cute bunny.

5.  It took me like 2 years (literally) to be able to call Brandon my husband.  “Eternal Man Roommate” just flowed off the tongue so much easier and “husband” felt SOOOO old.  Now I can use husband when telling people about him, but I still prefer the “Eternal Man Roommate” thing.

Well, there you have it.  5 things about our marriage!  Lub you B!! Thanks for always letting me sleep in extra in the morning, not getting mad when I karate chop you in the middle of the night, and for laughing at my jokes.  You the greatest!



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