I Work With Great People

February 3, 2016

Last week I was having a chat with one of my fellow coaches about teaching [he is also in his second year].  We were discussing how hard teaching can be, especially as young teachers. Despite the challenges, it was so fun talking because we both agreed on something: there are so many good people in education and we’ll keep digging and pushing until we figure this whole thing out.

The news might make it seem like there are horrible teachers everywhere, but I think one of the greatest things I’ve experienced is interacting with amazing teachers, administrators, and other staff.  I have been blessed to work at three different schools and everywhere I’ve went I’ve met INCREDIBLE people!  So many sacrifice, gives extra time and money, and love those kids TO DEATH.  It’s awesome. Even about two weeks ago I asked for some help from my vice principal who volunteered to come early in the morning -like before 7 AM- because it was the only time that I could make work.  So, in honor of the amazing people I work with, I am sharing this video!  It was made earlier in the year for an assembly, and I love it.  It shows a positive and lighter side and also shows some of the great people I work with.  Go T-Wolves!

[Oh, and you’re in for a treat!  I am featured for a few seconds there too, ha ha].





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