Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday: Holocaust Survivor Stephen Nasser

February 12, 2016

Today we had the amazing opportunity to hear from Holocaust survivor Stephen Nasser.  He said a lot of wonderful things as he shared his story and also recalled a lot of terrible things. I wrote down a few quotes and was amazed at both extremes of the capacity of humanity.  But I’m not going to try and summarize his presentation, that would be nearly impossible.  [However, if you’re interested in his story (it is amazing of course), he has written two books My Brother’s Voice and Journey to Freedom.]  Perhaps though what I appreciated the most was what he said on his way out the door.  A few things didn’t go exactly as planned and after everything was fixed and better, Mr. Nasser said,

“We must forget the negative and remember the positive.”

He more than anyone I know, lives that.

So in honor of that, I thought I’d share something positive that happened this week in teaching.  Student Council recognizes different teachers and this week was my turn.  One of my cute students brought me down, talked about me, and gave me the greatest award ever, ha ha:

IMG_0097 IMG_0098

I think it’s very fitting!  P.S. Brandon, can we get another bunny please?


*Image of Auschwitz from


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