Valentines for the Win!!

February 19, 2016

This full last week has been great!  I’m just gonna dump my photos and let that do the talking.

Valentines Day!! I actually like Valentines day.  I know there’s some haters out there, but I’ve always thought it was fun- lover or not.  We switch off who plans Valentines day every year and this year was Brandon’s turn!  He didn’t disappoint.  We got Texas Roadhouse to go, went and watched the Utah gymnastics meet which was awesome.  Made me almost wish I hadn’t quit…..almost.  I really like being over 5 feet tall.


On President’s Day we (and everyone else in Utah County) went to see the Provo City Center Temple with our cousins.  Super fun.


This week marks 4 YEARS!!! since we got engaged at a Jazz game!  Oh yeah.  Most people thought I got engaged to the Jazz Bear (easy mistake) but it was in fact Brandon who I said yes to.  Happy 4 years to us!


Currently I am sitting in the bleachers at the Holt Arena hanging out with these goobers.  Jody (currently calling himself Jo-Do-Lynn) is making fun of me and talking in a hick accent.  It’s been a great few days and we still have 24 more whole hours.  Could things really get any better?  (Jody says “or any worse”….)

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