Big News for Med School

March 17, 2016

Don’t get too excited, ha ha.  We’ve been rejected again from the U of U for medical school!  It’s ok though because we live in America where I can drown my sorrows in food.  Delicious food! Thanks Taco Amigo, I owe ya.

We actually found out last Friday and yes, we were sad.  This year though we weren’t blind sided and had a pretty good idea that because we hadn’t heard yet, we probably wouldn’t get in.   I think because of that we weren’t as devastated.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shed a few tears and my little heart just breaks for my husband.  He has worked SO hard over the last 5 years and especially over the last two.  To put it into perspective, he’s put in over 4,000 volunteering hours, he took an extra semester of school to get all the pre-reqs, shadowed 3 doctors, spent 1,000 hours doing research projects, another few hundred hours of patient contact, and devoting so much of everything he does to becoming a doctor.  Needless to say, I am so proud of him but it also breaks my heart because I know everything he’s done to get in and it just hasn’t happened.

So yeah… last week was tough.  To add to that sadness, last week I also ran terribly, Donald Trump began to really look more and more like the Republican nominee (but no, I’m not moving to Canada…. I love this country and you’ll have to zombie-apocolypse North-Korea-nuclear-bomb me out of here…), the Jazz lost like a billion games, and it has been the end of term (dang procrastinating kids!!!).

But despite all of this, I have been feeling so blessed.  Sunday night we were laying in bed and Brandon had fallen asleep.  I was reading a book and I looked over at my hubby and just thought, “I love our cute little life”.  Yeah not really anything we’ve planned has worked out, but since when has that ever worked out for me? We know we’ve done what God has wanted us to do.  And if that means applying to med school and not getting in, so be it.  We trust Him.  We trust His plan for us, and however it works out we know that it will work out.  We are so blessed and we know He loves us and is watching out for us.  Our marriage is doing so well, we love each other, and our families are safe and happy.  Really, at the end of the day, what more could we possibly need or ask for?

 So what’s the plan then?  We don’t know!  There’s options to reapply again out of state (we didn’t do that this year), there’s options to apply to DO schools (we didn’t do that either), there’s Texas (Heaven help me…..), but lately Brandon has been leaning towards going on and doing cancer research and getting a PhD.  When looking at med school, he wanted to be an oncologist and always wanted to do a joint PhD/MD program.  So right now that’s kind of what we’re looking at.  But who knows, that could change tomorrow!

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we want.  That doesn’t it mean it won’t, it just hasn’t.  It also can mean that there are other opportunities that are awaiting that are better than you had planned for yourself.  It can also mean that these experiences will help you help others.  I think Zac Brown puts it best…. “I’ve got everything I need, and nothing that I don’t.”


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  • Reply Amber Henrie March 17, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Damn U of U. I’ll bomb the school. Jk jk….I’m sorry friend. That sucks. 🙁 We love you guys! If you ever need a Taco Amigo Run/vent session, call me. Love you ❤️

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