Thank You!!

March 27, 2016


My last post was about us not getting into medical school.  I was a little hesitant to share that post because a) it’s not the greatest news and b) sometimes it’s good to keep things just within the family and close friends.  But… with that being said, I am so grateful I did because we have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from all of those around us.

For all of the texts, comments, chats at church, from neighbors, friends, and family, THANK YOU!! We have felt so much love from all of you and it really has helped.  It filled a void we didn’t even know we were feeling.  God has really blessed us with amazing people like all of you.  I just wanted to express our gratitude for your love for us and let you know that it really has made a difference to us!

Also…. Happy Easter!! I reaaaaallllyyyy like Easter.  I mean, Jesus, bunnies, candy, Spring…. it’s awesome.  So Happy Easter everyone!  We know that Christ died and lives again.  He died and lives for us and because of Him we find peace, happiness, and love in all of the trials and experiences of life.


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