April 8, 2016

Spriiiiiiiiiiing BREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!  Man, this has to be one of the greatest things about being a teacher!  We have been LOVING Spring Break. We spent the first part in Disneyland and then I’ve pretty much just been chilling since Wednesday.

So Disneyland!  It was fun.  Now I know some of you will probably come and burn down my house because of this, but I’ll be honest, I’ve never been the “Disneyland is pure happiness and where I could die” type of person.  Here’s the back story: I went once when I was 6.  My twin was super sick before we went and all I remember from that whole trip is on the drive down my older brother peeing in a bottle to “Twist and Shout” and LOOOOOTS of lines.   Because of that we might say that Disneyland hasn’t exactly been my “dream vacation”.


But! Despite my history with Disneyland, we had a blast.  Although there were A TON of lines, a bajillion people shoving and running everywhere, we had a good time.  It was fun actually doing some vacationy thing in California instead of just going for a track meet.  Now I’m not converting to a Disneyland = Happiest Place On Earth anytime soon, but we had so much fun. I actually really enjoy people watching and Disneyland did not disappoint.

Here are a few of our favorite things that we loved:

5.  The new Star Wars ride was insanely popular and the regular line to ride it was 1.5 HOURS at least to ride it.  We got a “fast pass” and it was taking about 20 minutes to get on.  Lady comes up to the poor worker “What do you MEAN it’s going to be a 20 minute wait?!  That’s ridiculous!  It’s no longer a fast pass if it takes that long.”  She was furious! Ha ha, waving her papers and just going crazy.  Hilarious.  Lady, it’s Disneyland and this poor soul you’re yelling at literally cannot control the lines and is probably making $7 an hour.  We were dying, that poor worker.


Star Wars Ride!

4. Playing “Spot the Mormons”.  It’s a fun game.  You should try it sometime.  Just look for the families wearing knee length shorts, tshirts, and saying things like “Oh my hek!”, “Gosh golly that was crazy! For Pete’s Sake!”

Said Mormons at said Disneyland

Said Mormons at said Disneyland

3.  I don’t know that we loved this, but we literally walked like 30 miles in 2 days, ha ha.  You fitbit-ters would have been going nuts with all the steps you could be getting!  My feet felt like they were going to die, but nothing like some good Disneyland cross-training to get ready to steeple next week 😉

2. Water rides are probably my favorite.  There was a ride that was kind of like Rattlesnake Rapids at Lagoon (I’m not good with ride names, ha ha) and it was probably my favorite experience ever.  It was us, another couple about our age and a couple that had a 4 year old with them.  I was scared out of my mind, I’m kinda a wus on rides and half the time end up just staring at my feet.  The mom was a bit perturbed at the dad for letting the 4 year old come and the little girl was terrified.  So the other 4 of us just pretended it was the most hilarious ride ever!  Every time we were about to go down a steep part we just all pretended it was soooooo fun and told the little girl that it was the greatest. She had one of those classic uneasy smiles while gripping the bar for dear life the whole time. By the end of the ride we were all laughing hysterically and felt like we were best friends.  Gooooood times.

1. For our top memory, we rode on the log flume….Splash Mountain? (remember that hard time with names thing)…. with a cute mom & dad and their two boys who were probably about 5 & 8.  It was their first time going on this ride and as we careen down a steep waterfall the little boy screams at the top of his lungs “WHAAAAT THE HEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  We were laughing so hard.  Buddy, I feel the same way.

Crappy picture, but notice me looking at my feet in the back :)

Crappy picture, but notice me looking at my feet in the back 🙂

Overall, Disneyland was fun!  Lots of people, lots of lines, but it was a break from school!  Can’t get better than that.  Now the countdown to summer begins!



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