Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday: I Was a Stranger

April 15, 2016

About two weeks ago we had the privilege to hear from the leaders of our church.  One of my favorite topics, and something that has been gnawing at me for months now, is the refugee crisis in Europe & the Middle East.  Although I haven’t mastered what I’m going to do, or how exactly I will help, those things are in the work.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes about helping those in need from this last General Conference.

“As we consider the “pressing calls” of those who need our help, let’s ask ourselves, “What if their story were my story?” May we then seek inspiration, act on impressions we receive, and reach out in unity to help those in need as we are able and inspired to do so. Perhaps then it might be said of us, as the Savior said of a loving sister who ministered to Him: “She hath wrought a good work. … She hath done what she could.” I call that extraordinary!”

-Linda K. Burton “I Was a Stranger”

For Inspiration Friday… what have you guys done to help the refugee crisis or are you planning to do?  I would love to hear!


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