Pros & Cons of the Week

April 29, 2016


Random, cute bunny above has nothing to do with this post.  I just like our bunny.

1. It’s no longer winter. 

Pros: I no longer feel like I’m going to die because of coldness everyday.

Cons: The Jazz are no longer in season.  Blasted Jazz.  Oh well, I still love you.


2.Running has had to come to a close.  My body is screaming at me and needs some rest.  But don’t worry, I’ve made a doctors appointment…. for October.  It’s quite the wait to get in ha ha.

Pro: No more 9:00 PM workouts

Con: My biceps are already shrinking…. Not ha ha

Pro: I can eat Taco Amigo 3+ times a week and drink soda and not bat an eye

Con: Late night Betos runs reek havoc on the digestive system.

giphy (1)

Pro: Rest will make me feel better

Con: Cutting a dream short SUCKS!!!

3. School is almost oooooovvvvveeeeeerrrrrr!!! Yippee!! Year two under the belt!


Con: Saying goodbye to some of your favorites and wishing them luck in their future lives!


4.  We are putting in sprinklers and sod in our entire yard.

Pro: The outdoors are basically my favorite.

Con: We have officially reach adult status where saving up and buying things like sprinklers becomes a real treat!

giphy (3)


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  • Reply Pearl T. Davies April 30, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Dearest Brooke,
    I am so hoping that this gets through to you~~~I’ve tried every week, since you started this blog, and get “nowhere fast”!!
    But I do care so much about you and your situation with your health. (Of course, I have four times the years on our age), but I have declined rapidly the past two years. I want so badly to help my family when I know there are problems~~(part of my anxiety problem). I can only hope and pray that you are on the right track with seeking help~~but October??? Good grief~~
    Perhaps the work in the yard (at your own pace) will help keep you active and not miss the running so much.
    I want soooo much to be able to talk to you~~think we could work this out? Love you much~~prayers for you. Grandma D.

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