Region Champs

May 13, 2016

It’s been an awesome (and long) week of track meets! I’m so proud of our athletes and their hard work this season. The boys and girls both came out region champs and it was So. Stinking. Fun. The boys were the underdog and the girls we knew would be a tough win. The kids stepped up big time! The 4×4 (which is the last race) came down to the last lean and our boys and girls gave everything they had and out leaned Orem in both. Overall they won and it was great. 

But winning aside, there were three amazing things that showed the sportsmanship and character of these high school athletes. A lot of people hate teens and are scared for our future because of them. Although there are some troubling youth out there, there are far more strong, kind, powerful kids that I get to interact with every day that lead me to believe our future is just fine…. Bright even! 

First off, our team had 54 athletes PR! 54!!!!!! For those that know track…. That’s crazy. From the top to the bottom athletes they gave everything they had and really pulled together as a team. They were unselfish and rooted for each other from the beginning to the end. So awesome. 

Second story: while we were doing the traditional victory lap, Orem High lined the last straight away and clapped for our team. They took second and lost in those intense 4×4’s and still came and clapped. I was so impressed with their character and sportsmanship. 

The third and my favorite story of the meet: only the top 4 spots in each event can qualify for state unless they hit the qualifying time, which is tough to do. There is a sweet little distance athlete from Mountain View named Allie. She had already qualified in the 1600 but definitely had a shot to podium. Before the 1600 girls race she was talking to her coach and mentioned that she wanted to help our girls qualify. 

In the race the last 100 meters she was in 4th and could fairly easily have sprinted and moved up. She chose to slow up though, move to 5th, and you could see her holding back to allow one of our unqualified girls take 4th. I had tears welling up in my eyes! It was one of the kindest, most selfless things I’ve witnessed. A girl from another team giving up the glory/time to let someone else qualify that she doesn’t even really know. That is incredible. And for someone that’s 16/17 years old? Man. Such an example. 

So overall region was awesome. I’m so blessed to work where I do and coach where I do. I have great support, great friends, and great students and athletes. Go TWolves and on to state! 

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