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May 18, 2016

Once upon a time I started going to grad school!  Let me tell you…. it was awesome yesterday!  I was nerding out like crazy last night.  I was pretty nervous about going back to school and starting a masters but that went away about 20 minutes into class.  I’m taking a immigrant & refugee law and policy class and it rocks!  It’s fun being around other people who are as into these issues as I am.  I’m really excited for this program.  And although I am always going to be a Wolverine…. I really like the U!  The U was actually one of my top choices when I was being recruited in high school and I am really excited to have the opportunity to go there.  [Now if only they gave you 5 extra years of collegiate athletics I could use ;)…. THAT would be awesome, ha ha]


UVU Graduation 2014… I LOVE UVU!!!! My heart has been a bit conflicted going to the U. But UVU, you will always be #1 in my heart.

So here are some answers to the frequently asked questions as of late:

  1.  What is your program?
    Masters of Public Administration
  2. So then are you becoming a principal?
    Noooooooo…. Might I say…. HEK NO!!! No offense to principals everywhere (they are amazing), but that just doesn’t quite fit what I want to do.
  3.  Are you going to stop teaching/coaching?
    Nope!  It’s made for working professionals so all of my classes are after 6:00 PM or online.  I’m not going to school because I don’t like/love my job… I do! For example, today is the last day I’ll see some of my students and as I went for a fist bump a couple of them just slid in for a hug and said thank you.   I don’t want to leave that and coaching behind!  This is a great career and I’m not exactly sure if I’d ever leave it.
  4. So…. what are you going to do with it/why did you choose that program?
    I’m not exactly sure, ha ha.  I know I’ll figure it out, but right now I’m not quite there.  Despite that, I do have a lot of ideas of where I’m headed.  I purposefully chose to not get a Masters in Education because I wanted to get a degree that would open other opportunities as well. I have always been very interested in politics and humanitarian work so this has the possibility to open doors for that.  I also have about 80 other ideas of things I want to do, ha ha.  Here’s a few:
    I would love to start a Summer camp.
    I would love to stay in teaching and get a raise (which this brings).
    I would love to try and be a stay at home mom and this could allow me to teach online/teach at a college.
    I would love to be more involved with political positions.
    I would love to coach a team of refugee/immigrant students.
    I would love to coach at a college.
    I would love to work at a non-profit with refugees & immigrants
    I would love to work for the LDS church humanitarian department
    I would love to be a nurse.
    I would love to travel the world and work on sustainable development.
    I would love to raise bunnies and live on a farm in Kamas.
    I would love to be a Utah Jazz season ticket holder.
    I would love to eat Taco Amigo for daaaaaaays on end and retire at 27.


    The ultimate dream would be to start a Summer camp in Kamas for underprivileged women and refugees/immigrants where I go by Jazzer and we  serve Taco Amigo daily.

    So maybe you can see why I needed a more general degree, ha ha.  I’ve always had about a million things I wanted to do and this opens up those doors for me.  I do know that I want to do something with underprivileged youth/women and I do know that this is a degree that can do that for me.  I chose this program because it was moldable to what I wanted to do and I could stay where I’m at or move other places with it.

  5. Why are you going to grad school?
    Well the list above is a major part of it, but also for other reasons.  Some are more personal and I won’t share them here.  But mainly it comes down to I really feel like this is what God wants me to do.  I’ve been a bit confused myself at why I’m going now but when you know you’re supposed to do something, you do it!  I actually never really considered grad school until my last semester of college.  I’d always wanted to teach and I didn’t need a masters to do that.  So it’s been a bit of a windy road getting here but I’m glad I’m going!  Education is very important to me and I love learning.  I’m excited to learn a lot more and use it in teaching and other areas.  Plus at the very least it helps me be more empathetic for my students!
  6. How long will it take you?
    I’ll take 1-2 classes a semester during the school year and then 3 or so each Summer. It should take me 2-3 years depending on how quickly I take them.
  7. Is it expensive?A bit.  But we’ve been saving up and it will be worth it.  Plus as my dad says, “It only goes up in cost.”

We be bleeding red these days! Well technically we already were… but now figuratively we are too.

So yeah!  I’m pretty excited.  Thank you all for being excited for me as well and for also being supportive.  I really am surrounded by great people in my family, friends, work, and neighborhood.  I might not always be the best at expressing it, but thank you for your love and kindness you show to me and my husband.  It really means a lot.




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